Adjunct Barley Malts

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  • Black Malt (UK)
    Est. EBC: 1300-1600

    Est. Lovibond: 488-600
    NZ$ 7.10 1kg
  • Brown Malt
    Made from green two row malt, kilned so that the malt imparts a very bitter, burnt flavour to beer. Odour of mash: mild coffee. Works great in older styles of English ales such as brown ales and mild stouts and porters

    Est. EBC: 110-118
    Est. Lovibond: 40-45
    NZ$ 7.20 1kg
  • CaraAroma
    Caraaroma is a dark crystal/caramel malt that has been roasted only for a short time resulting in a very intensive, Dried or Stewed Fruit Aroma and flavour profile. Adding up to 20% to the grain bill leads to a luminous, red to red/brown colour. Caraaroma is ideally suited to supporting the overall body of dark beers.
    Est. EBC: 300-400

    Est. Lovibond: 115-150
    NZ$ 7.20 1kg
  • CaraMalt (UK)
    Caramalts are used to give colour and flavour to pale beers but should be used with care to avoid making the beer too dark or giving it too cloying a flavour.

    Est. EBC: 30-40
    Est. Lovibond: 12-15.5
    NZ$ 7.00 1kg
  • CaraMunich Type I (Ger.)
    German grown two-row spring barley golden-brown, slightly aromatic kernels. Contributes amber to reddish-coppery colour to finished beer.

    Est. EBC: 80-100
    Est. Lovibond: 30-38
    NZ$ 7.10 1kg
  • CaraMunich Type II (Ger.)
    Produced with German grown two-row spring barley golden-brown, slightly aromatic kernels. Contributes amber to reddish-coppery colour to finished beer. Use up to 5% of total grain bill for paler beers, up to 20% for darker beers.

    Est. EBC: 110-130
    Est. Lovibond: 41-49
    NZ$ 6.50 1kg
  • CaraMunich Type III (Ger.)
    German grown two-row spring barley golden-brown, slightly aromatic kernels. Contributes amber to reddish-coppery colour to finished beer. Caramunich 3 is the darkest of the three.

    Est. EBC: 140-160
    Est. Lovibond: 53-60
    NZ$ 6.50 1kg
  • CaraPils (Ger.)
    Produced with German grown two-row spring barley with the same colour rating and brewing characteristics as regular Weyermann® Pilsner Malt, except for the extra enhanced foam production, head retention, and fuller body and mouth feel this product brings.
    Est. EBC: 2.5-6.5
    Est. Lovibond: 1.5-3
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
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  • CaraRed (Ger.)
    Carared® is perfect for adding red colour values to red ales and Vienna lagers. Slightly aromatic. Contributes gentle maltiness as well as some body to finished beer.

    Est. EBC: 40-60
    Est. Lovibond: 15.5-23
    NZ$ 6.50 1kg
  • Carafa Special II (Ger.)
    Est. EBC: 1100-1200

    Est. Lovibond: 413-450
    NZ$ 7.50 1kg
  • Carafa Special Type III (Ger.)
    Dehusked Roasted Barley. Less bitterness due to husk removed.

    Est. EBC: 1300-1500

    Est. Lovibond: 525.50
    NZ$ 7.50 1kg
  • Crystal Dark (UK) 85L
    Adds a sweetness with stewed fruit and raison taste and aroma. Well suited for dark beers and high strength Trappist beers
    Est. EBC: 220-260

    Est. Lovibond: 83-98
    NZ$ 7.20 1kg
  • Crystal Medium (UK)
    Est. EBC: 130-150

    Est. Lovibond: 50-60
    NZ$ 7.00 1kg
  • Crystal Pale (UK) 40L
    Pale crystal produce strongly sweet honey and toffee-like flavour and are sufficiently converted that they can be steeped without mashing to extract their flavour.

    Est. EBC: 90-110
    Est. Lovibond: 34-42
    NZ$ 7.00 1kg
  • Dark CaraMalt (UK)
    Dark Caramalt produces strongly sweet caramel toffee like flavours. They contain no enzymes.

    Est. EBC: 80-110
    Est. Lovibond: 30-42
    NZ$ 7.00 1kg
  • German Abbey Malt
    Special kiln malt for particularly full-bodied beer styles, typically for:

    Pale Ale; Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Blond Ale, Season, Trappist Single, Belgian IPA, Biére de Garde, Belgian Dubbel, Extra Special Bitter, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Tripel, Belgian Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel, Barley wine, Flanders Red Ale, Oud Bruin
    NZ$ 4.80 1kg
  • German Aromatic
    Aromatic gives beer an increased strong, malty and "caramely" flavour, as well as a correspondingly darker colour. Its sensory profile ranges from honey with a light cream toffee note to a dark, strong caramel with hints of almond and nut.
    NZ$ 6.40 1kg
  • Roast Barley
    Adds dark colour as well as hints of Coffee and dark cocoa

    Est. EBC: 1300-1600

    Est. Lovibond: 490-600
    NZ$ 5.20 1kg
  • Smoked Barley
    Est. EBC: 4-6

    Est. Lovibond: 2-3
    NZ$ 7.80 1kg
  • Vienna (Gladfield)
    A traditional Vienna style base malt. Malty with medium toast. Moderate sweetness like toast with honey. Light malty flavours. A big, white head, lots of body and golden to orange colours.
    NZ$ 4.40
  • Munich (Gladfield)
    Base malt kilned to produce great body and rich malt flavours. Tastes bready, moderate sweetness, with mild honey and biscuit flavours. Provides a deep orange colour and a malty, nutty flavour.
    NZ$ 4.40 1kg
  • Toffee (Gladfield)
    Lightly caramelized malt, low in colour. Unique to Gladfields. Tastes of cream and vanilla candy-like sweetness with notes of honey and toffee. Adds wonderful dessert like flavours, a chewy consistency, enhanced stability, body and mouth-feel.
    NZ$ 5.50 1kg

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