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Our wonderful New Zealand Malts from Gladfields and Malteurope. Buy by the Kilogram of part kilogram ie 1.2 = 1.2kg
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  • Light Lager  (Gladfield)
    Similar to the Pilsner Malt but with a lower colour contribution. Tastes doughy and plain. Adds light colour and malty flavours.
    NZ$ 3.30 1kg
  • Pilsner (Gladfield)
    Base malt which is also known as Lager Malt made from 2-row barley. Tastes of sweet hay and muesli with minimal sweetness. Adds light malty flavour and good diastatic power.
    NZ$ 3.30 1kg
  • Ale Malt (Gladfield)
    Base malt made from two-row English bred winter barley. One of Gladfields' most popular base malts.
    Tastes lightly toasty, warm biscuit flavours, reminiscent of unsweetened granola. Adds a toasty malt character typical of English style Ale Malt, full in body and flavour.
    NZ$ 3.30 1kg
  • Wheat Malt (Gladfield)
    A malted wheat grain. Has a clean, wheaty flavour. Adds body and head retention, with a typical wheat flavour.
    NZ$ 4.40 1kg
  • Vienna (Gladfield)
    A traditional Vienna style base malt. Malty with medium toast. Moderate sweetness like toast with honey. Light malty flavours. A big, white head, lots of body and golden to orange colours.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Toffee
    Lightly caramelized malt, low in colour. Unique to Gladfields. Tastes of cream and vanilla candy-like sweetness with notes of honey and toffee. Adds wonderful dessert like flavours, a chewy consistency, enhanced stability, body and mouth-feel.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Light Crystal
    Saccharified malt with crystalized sugars. Tastes like toasted bread with butter and honey or sweet granola with freshly cooked pancakes. Adds sweet caramel flavours and body.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Dark Crystal
    Saccharified malt with crystalized sugars. Light brown sugar taste. Dark, almost burnt caramel with hints of cherry. A nutty bittersweet caramel flavour and body.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Aurora
    A rich, aromatic base malt full of deep, malty flavours. Has clean, dry, bready flavours with a slight acidity on the finish. Very robust. Will give deep, red hues and big flavours. Can deliver a higher alcohol content than other malts.
    NZ$ 4.60 kg
  • RedBack Malt
    Lightly roasted, crystalized malt with a lovely red hue. Unique to Gladfield Malt. Tastes of caramel, candied prune, and a slight bitter orange flavour. Expect an increase body and head retention.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Gladiator
    A dextrin malt with a high amount of non-fermentable sugars. Malty with slight bready flavours.
    Expect extra foam stability (head retention), body and mouth-feel to the brewed beer, without the extra colour.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Roasted Wheat
    Made from unmalted wheat which is roasted. A moderate roast flavour. Balanced chocolate and coffee flavours. Adds light roast coffee and chocolate flavours and a unique wheat impact
    NZ$ 4.30 kg
  • Medium Crystal
    Saccharified malt with crystalized sugars. Tastes of toasted bread with butter and honey or sweet granola with freshly cooked pancakes. Adds sweet caramel flavours and body.
    NZ$ 5.00 1kg
  • Shepherd's Delight
    Roasted malt with an intense deep flavour. Potent bready, raisin puree, and cola flavours with a lingering fruity sweetness. Provides lots of flavour and a lovely red hue. Use sparingly to avoid bitterness.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Distillers' Malt (Gladfield)
    Premium malt produced from 2-row barley for distilling. Malty, sweet flavours. Adds flavour and good yields for single malt whisky distilling.
    NZ$ 3.80 1kg
  • Manuka Smoked
    Top quality Distillers Malt and smoked with 100% New Zealand grown West Coast Manuka wood overlaid with floral, sweet characteristic with natural Manuka smokiness. Adds smooth, natural smokiness to the finished beer or whiskey.
    NZ$ 5.50 1kg
  • American Ale (Gladfield)
    Base malt used to showcase hop flavours. Lightly toasted, with notes of plain white bread. Provides full body and neutral flavour
    NZ$ 3.30 1kg
  • Rolled Oats
    Wholegrain oats are produced from rolling the whole oat groat. This gives a distinctive coarse oat flake. Great for Oatmeal Stouts or adding small quantities to give a creamy head to any dark beer
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Rye (Gladfield)
    Malted rye. Plain, moderately nutty and slightly bready with a clean dry mouthfeel, and traditional light rye spice.
    NZ$ 5.20 1kg
  • Biscuit
    Toasted ale malt in the roasting drum. Tastes of baked biscuit, roasted hazelnut, very dry.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Munich (Gladfield)
    Base malt kilned to produce great body and rich malt flavours. Tastes bready, moderate sweetness, with mild honey and biscuit flavours. Provides a deep orange colour and a malty, nutty flavour.
    NZ$ 3.80 1kg
  • Dark Chocolate
    Dark malt in colour and light on astringency. Medium roast coffee notes. Adds smooth roast flavours and deep, dark, rich colours.
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg

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