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Spirit Flavours and Essences
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  • Top Shelf Bourbon
    A dry style Bourbon with full flavour, typical of the well aged sour mash whiskeys.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Dark Rum
    A mellow dark rum that would please the seafarers of old.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Dry Gin
    A dry English style gin for the connoisseur. It has a lovely rich juniper aroma and taste.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf French Brandy
    This outstanding Napoleon-style brandy has all that the French are famous for with mellowness, smoothness and complexity.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Kentucky Bourbon
    A rich, fruity, sweet, complex Bourbon reminiscent of famous American Bourbons.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf White Rum
    This Caribbean style White Rum makes the perfect base for long cocktails.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Whiskey
    A complex style whiskey flavour with rich oak and subtle fruity tones.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Jamaican Dark Rum
    This essence has rich, dark, molasses tones and a traditional full Jamaican flavour.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Smokey Whisky
    A distinctive style whiskey flavour. With strong smokey undertones.

    Note: This has replaced Smoky Malt Whiskey.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Rye Whisky
    A light Canadian style whiskey flavour with hints of rye, malt and barley.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Shamrock Whisky
    A smooth and mellow Irish style whiskey flavour with overtones of caramel and vanilla.

    Note: This has replaced Irish Whiskey.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Aussie Gold Rum
    This tasty Australian style gold rum is rich in sweet molasses and caramel notes.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Southern Haze
    A smooth, delicious, full-bodied, liquor with a touch of sweetness, a mellow aroma and a rich amber colour.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Absinthe
    Popular with artisans of the 1900's. Add sugar and water and wait for the 'Green Fairy' to be unleashed.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Apple Brandy
    Distinctive fruity apple flavours, followed by rich brandy notes. Similar to Calvados Brandy.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Spiced Rum
    A rich golden rum with vanilla and spice notes. Similar to Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Single Whiskey
    A single malt style whiskey flavour. With notes of chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Jamaican Gold Rum
    Complex vanilla, caramel and sweet notes with a strong oaky flavour. Similar to Appleton's Jamaican Rum.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Ouzo
    A strong aniseed flavoured spirit popular with Greeks the world over.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • A delightfully refreshing vodka with delicate infusions of lemon and lime providing a most appealing citrus taste.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Tequila
    A bitter sweet spirit typical of the Mexican national drink.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Vodka
    A clear spirit with a distinctive agave taste, and strong peppery bite. Similar to Jose Cuervo Tequila Silver.
    NZ$ 8.30

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