Spirits Flavours

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Spirit Flavours and Essences
  • Gin Profile Kit
    Now you can craft your own gin....your way!
    Crafting a gin specific to your taste preference. Within the profile kit there are a number of different flavours and adjuncts for you to craft it just the way you want to.
    NZ$ 81.50
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  • Handcrafted Gin Kit
    This kit contains everything you need to transform ordinary vodka into your own blend of London Dry style gin, using a combination of juniper berries, coriander, liquorice root and citrus peels.
    NZ$ 60.00
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  • Makes up 750 ml. Last 7 as no more stock available.
    NZ$ 6.80
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  • Still Spirits Pure Vodka (makes 1L)
    Perhaps a better name for it would be single-influence, as it mirrors the best from the Soviet Union very accurately. This rich and complex character vodka is so smooth and warm on the tongue that it's hard to believe that a budget priced bottle tastes so good.
    NZ$ 5.50
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