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  • This Stainless Steel (SS) model is the identical design to the KL00987 however it’s body and internal components are made from 304 grade stainless steel.

    Due to it’s stainless steel construction it is more durable than the Chrome Plated Intertap. The durable stainless steel construction is ideally suited to commercial environments.

    It should be noted that parts 2&3 are made from chrome plated brass but these components do not come in contact with the beer in any way.
    NZ$ 52.00
    Out Of Stock
  • The KL01007 model is the top of the range Flow Control (FC) model. It has all the advantages of the traditional Intertap™ design and is made from 304 grade stainless steel. In addition to this, it also had the added advantage of the flow control leaver on the right hand side of the tap. This adjustment gives the operator full control over the flow speed. This makes balancing your beer lines a snap. The Intertap™ FC cannot be used with the shank spring so this tap should be manually turned off after use.
    NZ$ 79.90
    Out Of Stock
  • Keg Tap connected to Corney Disconnect
    Chrome/Brass Tap that fits a MFL Corney Disconnect for dispensing beer direct from your keg. Price includes Tap and MFL LQD Disconnect
    NZ$ 54.90
    Out Of Stock
  • Convert your Intertap Tap into a barbed fitting to attach your silicone filling hose pre attached without opening the Kegerator Door. YES PLEASE!
    NZ$ 9.00
  • This Plated Chrome (PC) model is an economical choice offering all the advantages of the forward sealing design and interchangeable tap spout. The durable electroplated chrome finish is superior to most of the Chinese spray on coatings and it’s a great introduction to the Intertap™ range.
    NZ$ 30.00
    Out Of Stock
  • These long shanks are suitable to attach taps to a Jockey Box (esky) or Fridge/Freezer wall. You will need a 22mm Size Holesaw in order to get a snug fit.

    They come with:
    - 100mm Shank
    - Angled 6mm Chrome Plated Brass Barb tail
    - Chrome Plated Brass Nut and washer to attach the barb tail
    - Flat face external washer
    - Flat Internal washer
    - Brass Anchor Nut
    - Ring collar
    NZ$ 28.50
  • These short shanks are suitable to attach taps to our Kegerator fonts. Can be used to replace the short shank on any 3" diameter tower
    Item Includes:
    - Stainless Short Shank with a 6mm Angle Barb Tail attached
    - Ring collar
    - Nut
    - Right angle font collar to suit font
    - Shaped internal collar to suit font
    NZ$ 7.40
  • These long shanks are suitable to attach taps to a Jockey Box (esky) or Fridge/Freezer wall. You will need a 22mm Size Holesaw in order to get a snug fit.

    Also Compatible with: Perlick, Brumby, Micromatic + many more.

    They come with:
    - 100mm Stainless 304 Intertap Shank
    - 5/8" Angle Barbtail to suit 4mm, 5mm and 6mm ID hose.
    - 5/8" Hex nut to suit nut tail and barb
    - 5/8" EPDM washer
    - Brass Anchor Nut
    - Ring collar
    NZ$ 39.50
  • This mini drafto tapping head will turn your growler into a portable keg system.
    NZ$ 1.90
  • Need something to grab onto to pull a beer out of your new bright and shiny new Intertap tap? Then it sounds like you need the shiny shiny Intertap Chrome Plated Tap Handle.
    NZ$ 11.00
  • Bar Tap with Long Shank and backing nut
    Kegerator conversions are a breeze with these long shank taps. Easily fit a fridge or keezer for your home bar. Limited stocks.
    NZ$ 49.90
  • Nukatap Forward Sealing Bar Tap
    First Pour Foam Reduction in Thermal Mass
    Improved Laminar Flow
    Most Sanitary Forward Sealing Design Design
    Longer Life Seals
    Move Versatle Tap Handle Angle
    NZ$ 49.50
  • Bronco Picnic/Party Tap
    This standard, black plastic hand held picnic tap is the first choice for many Starter Keg systems or portable systems.
    Most commonly called a "picnic Tap” this simple to use beer tap comes with a 6mm Barb.
    NZ$ 6.90