New Zealand Hop Pellets

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  • Motueka Pellets
    An aroma hop with a distinctive fresh crushed citrus “Mojito” lime character (6-8% AA)
    NZ$ 9.00 100g
  • Moutere Pellets 100g foil pack
    Available in 100g packs only.
    A high alpha hop with distinctive tropical, grapefruit and passion fruit characters (17.5-19.5 % AA)
    NZ$ 11.50 100g
    Out Of Stock
  • Taiheke Pellets fka (NZ Cascade)
    New Zealand grown dual purpose US Cultivar previously known as Cascade, with citrus “grapefruit/lime” characters (6-8 %AA)
    NZ$ 7.40 100g
  • Chinook NZ Pellets
    New Zealand grown dual purpose US cultivar with pine “grapefruit/spice” characters (12-15 %AA)
    NZ$ 8.50 100g
    Out Of Stock
  • Green Bullet Pellets
    A dual purpose / bittering hop with a spicy “dried fruit” character and solid finish (11-14 % AA)
    NZ$ 6.90 100g
  • Wakatu Pellets (fka NZ Hallertau)
    A really fine dual purpose hop with a heady mix of floral and citrus characteristics (6-9% AA)
    NZ$ 7.50 100g
  • Kohatu Pellets
    A dual purpose hop with fresh tropical fruit characters and excellent finish and bitterness (6-7 %AA)
    NZ$ 8.80 100g
  • Nelson Sauvin Pellets
    An aroma /dual purpose flavour hop with distinctive “New World” white wine characters (10.9 % AA as at 11/8/21)
    NZ$ 11.50 100g
  • Pacific Gem Pellets
    Pacific Gem™ fills the Brew House with enticing aromas during kettle addition and has been described as producing oaken flavours with a distinct blackberry aroma. Typically used as a first hop addition and makes its presence felt through an excellent tempered bitterness and flavour while later additions deliver citrus and pine aroma notes.
    NZ$ 6.40 100g
  • Pacifica Pellets (fka Pacific Hallertau)
    A fine aroma hop with its own signature citrus “orange zest” marmalade character (5-6% AA)
    NZ$ 8.90 100g
  • Rakau Pellets
    A true dual purpose hops with stone fruit and fig characters and excellent bittering qualities. (10-11 % AA)
    NZ$ 8.20 100g
    Out Of Stock
  • Riwaka Pellets
    A unique aroma hop with a powerfully fuelled tropical “passion fruit “ and Grapefruit character (4-7% AA)
    NZ$ 11.90 100g
  • Dr. Rudi Pellets (fka SuperAlpha)
    A dual purpose / bittering hop with classic resinous pine and lifted citrus characters (10-12%AA)
    NZ$ 6.90 100g
  • Styrian Golding NZ Pellets
    New Zealand grown European aroma hop with very mild, noble and spicy hop flavors (4.5-7.5 %AA)
    NZ$ 8.80 100g
    NZ$ 5.50 100g
    Out Of Stock
  • Southern Cross Pellets 100g foil packs
    Available in 100g foil packsonly.
    A dual purpose / soft bittering hop with a citrus “lemon zest” character with hints of pine (11-14 % AA)
    NZ$ 7.50 100g
    Out Of Stock
  • Wai-iti Pellets
    A fine aroma hop with fresh peaches and apricot characters within a weight of essential oils (3.8 % AA as at 11/8/21)
    NZ$ 8.50 100g
  • Waimea Pellets
    Available in 100g packs only
    A big alpha hop that carries an even bigger weight of oils with lots of pine and citrus characters (16-19 % AA)
    NZ$ 11.50 100g
    Out Of Stock
  • Williamette NZ Pellets
    New Zealand grown dual purpose hop with balanced bittering. Spicy, clean citrusy aroma with distinct herbal notes.(8-9%AA)
    NZ$ 8.50 100g
  • Pacific Jade Pellets
    A soft bittering / dual purpose hop with fresh citrus and complex spice characters (12-14%AA)
    NZ$ 7.90 100g
  • Hort 4337 - Nectaron available only in 100g packs
    (10.5 -11.5% AA). Intense tropical passionfruit and citrus aroma characters.

    Over successive commercial brewing trials in styles such as Strong Pale Ales and India Pale Ales, 4337 has displayed high levels of tropical fruit characters of pineapple and passionfruit as well as stone fruit (peach) and citrus (grapefruit)
    NZ$ 14.50
    Out Of Stock