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  • Essencia Bourbon Chunks (500g)
    Made from a blend of fresh barrels from the Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's and Wild Turkey distilleries.
    - For those who want to make the best bourbon possible.
    - Will produce 2 x 1,125mL bottles of the finest quality bourbon in only one week.
    - Use again to produce a further 2 x 1,125mL bottles of good bourbon in three weeks.
    - These chunks can be used a third time, soaking 2.3L of spirit for 5-6 weeks, then adding a bottle of essencia bourbon flavour to produce another 2 x 1,125mL bottles of great bourbon.
    NZ$ 33.00
  • Top Shelf Cedar Oak
    This imparts a distinctive drier oak flavour than the oak cask essence and is often found in irish style whiskey.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Mellow Oak
    Oak Extract used to oak age spirits and wines.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • Top Shelf Premium French Oak
    Used to oak age spirits and wines. Ideal for brandy, whiskey, dark rum and bourbon.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • 2 Spirals per pack. Cut to maximise accelerated flavour
    NZ$ 30.00
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