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  • Botannix Ten Spice Gin (Sapphire style)
    This 10 spice Gin is complex Sapphire style gin with natural spice extracts.
    50ml bottle makes 2.25 litres
    NZ$ 7.50
  • G40 Grainfather Brewing System
    Grainfather G40 brewing system has a bigger capacity and better connectivity. Produce up to 40L (11 US Gal) of beer from one brew. Connect your mobile device to the smart controller with built-in wireless control via the Grainfather App,
    NZ$ 1,660.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Grainfather S40 Electric Brewing System - Pick up only
    The Grainfather S40 brewing system has a 46L (12 US Gal) capacity, allowing you to create 40L (11 US Gal) of beer every time that you brew. Don't let the price fool you, this product has a high grade stainless steel build and is packed full of features to make every brew easy.
    NZ$ 725.00
    NZ$ 689.00
  • Keg feet
    Replacement feet to fit the arm of a corney keg lid.
    NZ$ 2.00
  • Lallemand Farmhouse Blend 11g
    Farmhouse™ is a non-diastatic hybrid saison yeast that lacks the presence of the STA-1 gene, therefore dextrins will not be metabolized and there is no risk of over attenuation and over carbonation after packaging.
    Flavour and Aroma - Expect Pepper and spice, Tropical fruit and Acidity.
    NZ$ 8.90
  • Nectaron Hopped Brew Blend Enhancer 1kg
    Barely Malt Powder, Dextrose, Dextrin and 25g of Nectaron Hops. Enhanced Tropical & Fruit character. Adds flavour and body.

    Perfect for Lagers and IPA's
    NZ$ 15.50
  • This Copperhead pot still condensor comes with a variable controller to reduce the wattage of the T500 still for the optimum pot still run.
    NZ$ 329.00
  • Talus Hops Pellets USA
    Talus delivers big aromas of pink grapefruit, citrus rinds, dried roses, pine resin, tropical fruits and sage. The bold flavor profile draws from its roots as a cultivated daughter of Sabro. Alph 8.6%
    Well suited for late additions.
    NZ$ 11.80 100g