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  • Mangrove Jack's Traditional Series Starter Brewery Kit with PET Bottles
    A complete set of quality brewer's equipment and specialised ingredients to get you brewing today! Everything you need is in the kit including your first brew and bottles. Makes 23L.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • 30L Barrel Fermenter
    Barrel fermenter with Screw Down Lid. 30L capacity best suited for 23-25L fermentations

    Please order airlock, grommet, White Tap, and
    Stick on thermometer separately
    NZ$ 42.00
  • DemiJohn (23L)
    23L Glass Demijohn used in winemaking and secondary fermentation of beer. Also used while clarifying and fining wines and beers

    Sorry these demijohns are not available to courier. Items must be picked up from Brewers Coop.
    NZ$ 97.50
  • Grainfather Connical Fermenter Pro Kit
    The Grainfather Conical Fermenter gives the brewer professional fermentation control, just like the commercial breweries. Fermentation is arguably the most important part of producing a good quality beer.
    NZ$ 890.00
  • Grainfather Glycol Chiller with glycol and coat
    The Grainfather Glycol Chiller has the ability to individually power and control the temperature of up to four Grainfather Conical Fermenters, each with their own fermenting schedules, the Grainfather Glycol Chiller is the perfect addition to ensure superior fermenting results.
    NZ$ 1,399.00
  • Used for stirring yeast starters on a stir plate
    NZ$ 8.90
    Out Of Stock
  • Mangrove Jack's Microbrewery Kit (w/ Stainless Steel Fermenter)
    A high quality Stainless Steel Fermenter is the centrepiece of the exciting new Craft Series Microbrewery Kit.
    NZ$ 279.00
  • Rotokeg
    Allows you to serve your beer "draught" style . While it can be used for lagers it does work best with ales and stouts, allowing you to serve the brew less chilled and gassy promoting smoother tastier beer.
    NZ$ 160.00