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  • Grainfather Top Overflow Pipe
    Replacement top overflow pipe
    NZ$ 32.50
  • Air Lock Bubbler
    To release fermentation CO2 and stop insects getting into your brew
    NZ$ 2.70
  • Alcometer (200mm)
    Used to measure alcohol % in distilled spirits
    NZ$ 15.50
  • Barrel Fementor 60L
    Just like the 30 L only bigger. Comes with lid drilled for airlock.

    Please order airlock, grommet, White Tap, and
    Stick on thermometer separately
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Bottle Draining Tree (66pc)
    NZ$ 42.90
    Out Of Stock
  • Bottle Rinser Deluxe
    Place your steriliser in the bowl and then when you push your bottle down on the white pipe section the solution sprays inside the bottle to sterilise your bottle.
    NZ$ 48.00
  • Brewing Barrel with Lid 30L
    30L brewing barrel.
    Order grommet, airlock, temperature strip and white tap separately
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Hop Tube (7x18cm)
    Stainless Construction 300 micron mesh, ideal for dry hopping and kegs and in fermenters.
    NZ$ 29.00
  • Brewcraft Hydrometer
    Used to calculate your specific gravity in wines and beers. Can also be used to calculate your potential alcohol.
    NZ$ 13.50
  • Brix Refractometer (0-32)
    This is a great tool to more conveniently measure your SG or Brix % when using your Grainfather.
    NZ$ 64.50
  • Plastic Pipettes (3mL)
    Used for accurately measuring very small quantities of liquid. Place Pipette in desired liquid. Pinch the Pipette's bubble end to create suction & control the amount of liquid extracted. Wash & sterilise Pipette before & after use.
    NZ$ 3.00
  • Syphon Rod Clip
    NZ$ 2.50
  • Hop Tube 30cm
    Stainless Hop Tube for dry hopping in kegs.
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Stainless Steel Thermometer 220mm, the thermometer is an accurate way to ensure you are mashing your grains at the right temperature.
    NZ$ 15.80
  • Carton of 750mL PET Bottles (x15)
    15 plastic screw top bottles includes caps
    NZ$ 18.90
  • Heating Belt (30W)
    Our 30w Heating belts will gently warm without creating major hot spots on your fermenter.
    We've chosen to go belts over pads for the simplicity of adjusting the height of the belt on your fermenter to increase or decrease the heat transfer. With a pad, you're unable to do this, and may potentially cook your yeast turning your hard work into a giant bandaid.
    NZ$ 25.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Mangrove Jacks Heat Pad 25w
    This Mangrove Jack’s Heat Pad ensures constant brewing temperature which is crucial for the success of brewing beer, wine or spirits.

    Heat Pad Specs:
    - Provides low, constant heat where it is needed for fermentation.
    - Aids yeast activity and helps avoid stuck fermentation.
    - Inexpensive to run.
    - Voltage: 220-240V
    - Power: 25W
    - Colour: White
    NZ$ 41.50
    Out Of Stock

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