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These pouch liqueur flavours make up to 750ml by adding unflavoured alcohol. The Irish Cream also needs a cream base additive.
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  • Black Raspberry Royale
    A delightfully decadent, French inspired liqueur. Legend has it this wild raspberry inspired liqueur was a favourite of King Louis XVI. votre sant.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Black Sambuca
    Vibrant purple liqueur combining aniseed and delicate liquorice flavours.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Butterscotch Schnapps
    A mouth-watering blend of butterscotch and caramel gives this schnapps universal appeal.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Cafelua
    Coffee Liqueur with the rich, bold flavours and aromas of Mexican coffee beans.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Coconut Rum
    Mouth watering combination of Caribbean White Rum and fresh coconut flavours.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Coffee Maria
    A decadent coffee liqueur popular in the Caribbean.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Herbal Liqueur
    This strong liqueur is a reddish brown German style herbal liqueur. Serve extremely cold.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Limoncello
    A liqueur produced from lemons from the Amalfi Coast. Has a very fresh lemon citrus flavour with a good balance of sweetness and alcohol.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Peach Schnapps
    A sweet, clear liqueur with a soft flavour and the aroma of fresh peaches.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur
    A balanced sweet and spicy gin liqueur flavouring. Refreshing botanical notes with a touch of citrus. Makes 750ml
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Shamrock Cream
    An irresistible liqueur with a sweet and creamy taste, lifted by distinctive notes of Irish Whiskey. This essence requires the addition of Shamrock Cream Liqueur Base for a lusciously decadent and velvety smooth Irish Cream.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Southern Smooth
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Violet Gin Liqueur
    Sweet violet and full-bodied lavender style gin liqueur, reminiscent of parma violet sweets, balanced with juniper and subtle botanicals. Makes 750ml
    NZ$ 9.20
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