Morgans Beer Kits

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Morgans Kits are made in Australia and have been extremely popular for brewers on both sides of the Tasman!
  • Morgan’s Australian Blonde 1.7KG Short Dated
    Morgan’s Australian Blonde. Specially formulated lower carb beer that still gives you the full flavour you expect. Perfect for quenching your thirst after a day at the beach.

    EBC: 7 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.90
    NZ$ 21.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Morgan’s Premium Cortes Cerveza 1.7KG
    A unique pale Mexican style lager, great with that slice of lime. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)

    EBC: 3.9 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.90
  • Morgan’s Premium Dockside Stout 1.7KG
    Full Bodied with a rich roast flavour and satisfying residual bitterness. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)

    EBC: 115 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 24.90
  • Morgan’s Premium Golden Saaz Pilsener 1.7KG
    Golden in colour, lightly hopped, slightly spicy with a distinct Saaz hop aroma. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)

    EBC: 4.4 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.50
  • Morgan’s Premium Golden Sheaf Wheat 1.7KG
    Short Dated
    A golden yellow highly aromatic Weiss style beer with an excellent head and vanilla overtones. A classic Weizen bier clear and bright until chilled , then cloudy but golden. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)

    EBC: 4.4 (in 23ltrs)

    Match with a Black Rock Wheat Liquid Malt Extract
    NZ$ 27.90
    NZ$ 21.00
  • Morgan’s Premium Ironbark Dark Ale 1.7KG
    A hearty caramel roasted flavour with deep aroma and nutty overtones. Powered up with dark crystal malt. (includes yeast sachet under the lid)

    EBC: 48 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.90
  • Morgan’s Premium Royal Oak Amber Ale 1.7KG
    A smooth full flavour beer in true English style, with a high hop level and light caramel aroma. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)

    EBC: 31 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.90
  • Morgan’s Premium Stockmans Draught 1.7KG
    SHORT DATED STOCK. A genuine “from the tap” pub style beer that is medium hopped, rich in colour and flavour with a close head. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)
    EBC: 9.2 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.90
  • Morgans Blue Mountain Lager 1.7kg
    A pale refreshing lager with a light pleasing hop bouquet. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)

    EBC: 7.4 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.90
  • Morgans Canadian India Pale Ale
    Kettled in the traditional style of an Indian Pale Ale. Golden in colour and featuring a moderate head with a pleasant hop aroma and a subtle malt sweetness.

    EBC: 6.7 (in 23ltrs)
    NZ$ 27.90
  • Morgans Frontier IPA 1.7kg
    Delivering the beloved hoppy flavour of a traditional IPA but with lower alcohol content so you can create a world class session IPA to enjoy again and again.

    Match with a Brewmaster 1kg Hopped Enhancer or combine with a 1.4kg or 1.8kg Light Liquid Malt and Dry Hop with your favourite Citrus or Tropical Fruit flavoured hops.
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Morgans Ginger Beer 1kg makes 20L
    Formulated with the perfect balance of malted grains and ginger. A great summer drink with ice or as a mixer with Dark Rum and a slice of lime. Both non alcoholic and alcoholic versions can be made from this kit
    NZ$ 35.90
    Out Of Stock
  • Morgans Pacific Pale Ale 1.7kg
    A classic American West Coast craft style beer. Our Pacific Pale Ale is definitely the real deal.With a refreshing woodsy hop aroma backed up by a crisp clean bite.

    Best Brewed with Brewmaster 1kg Citra Enhancer or 1.4kg/1.8kg Light Liquid Malt Enhancer

    We recommend dry hopping your hand crafted Pacific Pale Ale with your favourite aroma hop. Try Citra, Simcoe, or Mosaic or for a NZ twist Nelson Sauvin or Motueka
    NZ$ 29.90