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  • Chai Maison Cabernet Sauvignon
    Deep dark colours and a richness of flavour combining firm tannins with ripe red fruits enhanced by oak.
    NZ$ 92.50
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  • Chai Maison Merlot
    Rich red in colour, this variety is soft, smooth and full of the berry fruit flavours that make it so popular.
    NZ$ 92.50
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  • Vintners Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
    Deep ruby, with black currant and cedar on the nose.
    NZ$ 123.00
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  • Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir
    Richly complex with fruity as well as spicy characteristics, the strawberry-blackberry nose leads to a velvety full finish. Ageing uncovers further complexity.
    NZ$ 116.00
  • Vintners Reserve Shiraz
    Boasts a concentrated blend of plum and blackberry fruit, with spice and chocolate in a firm structure that leads to a tannic, fruity finish and hints of smoky oak. This wine is a mouth-filling, dark and delicious treat. 10L kit makes 23L wine.

    Sweetness: 0/10
    Body: 3/5
    Oak: 2/3
    NZ$ 124.00
  • Selection Australian Shiraz
    Cabernet Sauvignon’s structural intensity perfectly complements the ripe fruit and chocolate flavors of Shiraz, for rich, complex and hearty red wine of outstanding character.
    NZ$ 199.00
    NZ$ 180.00
  • Selection Italian Sangiovese 16L Kit (makes 23L)
    The lively fruit and good acidity make it one of the most food-friendly of all reds, pairing well with pasta, veal Parmigiana, intensely flavoured cheeses, and fruits like cherries, figs, plums and raspberries.
    NZ$ 159.00
    NZ$ 139.00
  • World Vineyard Washington Merlot with Skin
    Ruby red colour with a nose of fruit and spice. Rich silky flavors of red berries, spice and plum with a smooth finish. Pair this Merlot with roasted duck breast or beef burgundy.

    18L Concentrated Grape Juice - makes 23L wine.
    NZ$ 269.00
    NZ$ 199.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Eclipse Lodi Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon
    Oak and tannins, pepper and spice combine to enhance trademark blackcurrant and cherry flavours. Rich fruit and complex structure dazzle from first aroma to long, refined finish.
    NZ$ 250.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Selection NZ Pinot Noir
    Medium bodied and supple with a hint of herbiness, the mouth feel is very elegant with soft tannins and a subtle oak finish.
    NZ$ 185.00
  • World Vineyard Australian Shiraz
    A wine of ripe fullness, its concentrated blackberry fruits and fragrant spiciness are a delight on the tongue.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • World Vineyard Chiliean Merlot
    This reputable Merlot is a soft and supple variation with powerful fruit and spicy flavours. Renowned for its ripe cherry character, the Merlot is a perfect partner for red meats, lamb, and hearty stews. A must have on those crisp autumn evenings.
    NZ$ 138.00
  • Cantina Shiraz Merlot
    An intensely fruity red wine which bursts with cassis and plum flavours and has richer notes of mocha and spice. It is well-balanced, smooth and rounded.

    Makes 21L
    NZ$ 105.00
  • Vintners Reserve Merlot
    Deep in colour, with black cherry and currant-berry aromas, the lush fruit of this wine meets soft appealing tannins and a perfect kiss of oak. Perfect with lamb, red meats and tomato sauce dishes.

    10L Concentrated Grape Juice making 23L wine
    NZ$ 119.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Cantina Cabernet Sauvignon
    Based on Cabernet Sauvignon grapes it produces a wine full of tannins, normally required to be stored on bottles for months but due to the fast fermentation, the tannins are softened so you can actually serve this wine within a week after starting the wine kit. Medium ruby red, full bodied.

    Makes 21L
    NZ$ 105.00
  • Cantina Montepulciano
    This full bodied yet fruity Italian wine is based on the more unusual Montecino (this is an alias name, EU regulation 1234/2007 forbids us to declare the true grape content of this kit) grape which creates very good allround reds.

    Makes 21L
    NZ$ 105.00
    Out Of Stock
  • World Vineyard Pinot Noir
    World Vineyard California Pinot Noir creates a lasting impression on the palate with an intense ripe-grape and black cherry aroma, accented by a spicy suggestion of cinnamon and mint. Medium-full bodied and rich but not heavy, it’s perfectly balanced with alcohol acid and tannin working harmoniously, and has substantial flavour despite its delicacy. It has an appealing soft, velvety texture, like liquid silk gently caressing the palate.

    Sweetness: 0/10
    Body: 3/5
    Oak: 1/5
    NZ$ 135.00
  • Cantina Red
    Created with the same grape mix as in the famous Tuscan reds, this wine kit from northern Italian grapes produces a great table wine, ready to be drunk fairly young, very fruity, rich red with young tannins.
    Makes 21L
    NZ$ 96.00
  • Magnum Red
    The Magnum Red wine is inspired by the great Italian Chianti's. We are using the same type of grape juice in order to produce a good red Chianti style table wine. Medium dry, good body and dark red.
    NZ$ 41.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Bold, robust and intense: Winexpert's 'Big Red' is the largest, most full-bodied red wine ever released! A dark, inviting colour and rich, bold oak-enchanced aromas suggest at what is to come: an abundance of mouth-filling, chewy berry flavours. Luna Rossa is complex, with rich layers of fruit and solid supporting tannins, capped by a long oak finish. A powerful wine matching startling flavours and aromas with elegance and finesse.
    NZ$ 210.00
    Out Of Stock