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  • Brewers Coop Pimped Pale Ale
    Our Pale Ale brought up to date to appeal in 2023. A clean but strong malt bill giving the appearance of a clean straw coloured pale ale. Exciting and inviting hop character using Centennial and Nelson Sauvin late in the brewing process.

    Add you favourite yeast for this brew as its not included in the kit. Either Safale 05 or Whitelabs WLP001.
    NZ$ 49.50
    NZ$ 47.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Freedom Day IPA 23L all grain kit
    Freedom Day is 10th Nov 2021 for Auckland Retail Businesses so what better way to celebrate than a Freedom Day IPA

    Please select yeast separately as not included in kit. Suggest M44 West Coast Ale or WLP001 California Ale
    NZ$ 45.50
    NZ$ 45.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Brewers Coop NZ Pale Ale 23L
    A simple but tasty brew feature NZ Taiheke Hops. A great beer to start off all grain brewing and most come back for a second batch because it taste so good.

    Recommended yeast is Saf 05. Please select this when ordering or another preferred yeast as these are not included in the kit.

    est OG 1.055
    est FG 1.010
    est ABV 5.5%
    est IBU 43
    Vol 23L
    NZ$ 38.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Temptation Hazy IPA
    Full bodied and full or fruit flavours
    NZ$ 72.00
    Out Of Stock