Wheat, Rye, Corn, Oat and Maize Adjuncts

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  • Brewers Wheat Malt
    This German wheat has a clean, wheaty and bready flavour. Adds body and head retention, with a typical wheat flavour.
    Perfect for German and Belgian Wheat beers, Saisons and Hazy IPAs
    NZ$ 5.90 1kg
  • CaraRye (Ger.)
    Produced from German grown top-quality rye, Cararye® is a caramelised brown rye malt, with a high colloidal content and a glassy exterior. The taste is strongly rye-aromatic with sweetness. Can use up to 10%.

    Est. EBC: 150-200
    Est. Lovibond: 56-75
    NZ$ 5.20 1kg
  • Eclipse Wheat (Gladfield)
    A bitterless black malt, Gladfield’s newest malt is the best way to add the smoothest dark brown/black colour to your beers without accompanying bitterness and with a very subtle flavour contribution.
    Consider Eclipse Wheat as the blackest colour malt. Use for many styles when you want to adjust for colour, while adding a delicious minor roast coffee note.
    NZ$ 4.40 kg
  • Malted Oats - The Big O
    Enhances body and flavour of darker beers, sweet kernels.
    Adjunct for ales. 5% – 10% of grist.
    NZ$ 6.50 1kg
  • Oat Hulls (600g)
    Used to add bulk to the grain so it reduces chances of a stuck sparge. Add at rate of 300g per 5.5kg grain bill. Adds no flavour to your beer.
    NZ$ 4.50
  • Rolled or Flaked Oats
    Wholegrain oats are produced from rolling the whole oat groat. This gives a distinctive coarse oat flake. Great for Oatmeal Stouts or adding small quantities to give a creamy head to any dark beer
    NZ$ 6.80 1kg
  • Rolled or Flaked Wheat
    Unmalted wheat is a common ingredient in wheat beers, including: American Wheat, Bavarian Weisse, and is essential to Belgian Lambic and Wit. It adds starch haze and high levels of protein. Flaked or Rolled wheat adds more wheat flavor "sharpness" than malted wheat.
    Est. EBC: 3.20-4
    Est. Lovibond: 1.6-1.8
    NZ$ 5.40 1kg
  • Rye (Gladfield)
    Malted rye. Plain, moderately nutty and slightly bready with a clean dry mouthfeel, and traditional light rye spice.
    NZ$ 5.90 1kg
  • Wheat Malt (Gladfield)
    A malted wheat grain. Has a clean, wheaty flavour. Adds body and head retention, with a typical wheat flavour.
    NZ$ 4.80 1kg
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  • CaraWheat (Ger.)
    Carawheat® has a nearly 100% level of caramelisation and it adds creaminess, body, colour, plus some phenolic wheat flavours to top-fermented beers.

    Est. EBC: 110-140
    Est. Lovibond: 42-53
    NZ$ 7.60 1kg
  • Malted maize.
    Est. EBC: 3-5

    Est. Lovibond: 1.7-2.4
    NZ$ 6.40 1kg
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  • Roast Wheat (Gladfield)
    Made from unmalted wheat which is roasted. A moderate roast flavour. Balanced chocolate and coffee flavours. Adds light roast coffee and chocolate flavours and a unique wheat impact
    NZ$ 6.50 kg
  • Torrified Wheat (UK)
    Torrified Wheat has been heat treated to break the cellular structure, allowing more rapid hydration and malt enzymes to more completely attack the starches and protein. It is used in place of raw wheat when making Belgian-style White and Wit beers.

    Est. EBC: 2.5-4
    Est. Lovibond: 1.5-2.1
    NZ$ 5.50 1kg
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