Cream Based Liqueurs

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These liqueurs are added to a cream base.
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  • Advocaat Cream Liqueur
    A creamy custard liqueur with a smooth vanilla flavour.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Aphrodisiac honey liqueur!
    NZ$ 9.20
    Out Of Stock
  • Butterscotch Cream
    A very popular, easy drinking cream liqueur
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Caranilla Cream
    A delicious blend of vanilla and sweet caramel produce this mouthwatering cream liqueur.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Chocolate Cream
    Chocoholics will love this full flavoured double chocolate liqueur!
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Rich and smooth with the taste of freshly-peeled bananas.
    NZ$ 5.10
  • Irish Cream
    Whiskey based cream liqueur with a delectable hint of chocolate.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Irish Mint Cream
    Whiskey based cream liqueur with a strong mint flavour and a delectable hint of chocolate.

    Similar in taste to a mint flavoured Baileys
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Marula Cream
    Flavoured with the distinctive taste of Marula Berries found only in southern latitudes of Africa.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Orange Truffle Irish Cream
    Your famous Irish Cream Liqueur with a twist. Rich decadent chocolate truffle aromas finished by fresh orange peel notes.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • Pina Colada Cream
    A cream based pineapple liqueur with a hint of coconut.
    NZ$ 9.20
  • A deliciously sweet, easy-drinking cream liqueur.
    NZ$ 5.90
  • Indulgent, smooth and luxurious, with the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans.
    NZ$ 5.90
  • A cream liqueur with strong vanilla and whisky tones. A rich and fulsome evocation of the mysteries of old Eirean.
    NZ$ 5.90
  • Rich, smooth and refreshing. A pleasant hot weather reviver.
    NZ$ 4.50