News and Specials

  • Brewers Coop Is Moving
    Our Penrose shop is closing but Brewers Coop is moving....
    Posted: Thursday 15 February 2024
  • Dry Hopping - To Bag or Not to Bag
    I get asked this every week. And there isn't an easy answer as both options work. But looking at the pros and cons for each will help you decide on what works best for you.
    Posted: Monday 7 August 2023
  • Which yeast?  Safale 04 or 05
    Looking at stepping up the yeast that comes with your beer kit? Safale 04 or 05?
    Posted: Friday 21 July 2023
  • Changes to Grains
    We have changed the way grain is sorted on our website.
    Posted: Saturday 13 May 2023
  • Alcohol-free Beer Causing Health Issues
    Alcohol free beer is causing unforeseen health issues for drinkers and both scientists and politicians are concerned.
    Posted: Saturday 1 April 2023
  • Reinventing the Pale Ale
    It's time to bring the Pale Ale back and we have given it a make-over to bring it up to date with modern brewing trends while retaining its core. We’ve brought it up to date for 2023. We have PIMPED the Pale Ale!
    Posted: Thursday 19 January 2023
  • CO2 shortages - what can you do?
    With CO2 in short supply in New Zealand, we need to find ways to make our CO2 last longer. Here are some ideas to make sure you don't waste your CO2 unnecessarily.
    Posted: Wednesday 18 January 2023
  • Posted: Wednesday 18 January 2023
  • Supply Lines Improving
    Covid supply lines are improving post Covid
    Posted: Friday 19 August 2022
  • Covid Plans
    Omicron is running through New Zealand but Brewers Coop has plans in place to keep supplying your brewing goods.
    Posted: Wednesday 23 February 2022
  • Beer Clones
    Have you ever tried a beer and thought…..”How can I make this?” Or maybe you had a favourite brew in past years that you can no longer buy. Could you reproduce or clone this brew today?
    Posted: Monday 16 August 2021
  • The Highs and Lows of Temperature
    Fermentation temperatures have a big impact on the taste of your beer. This article looks at a number of temperature related issue in brewing.
    Posted: Monday 16 August 2021
  • The Brew In A Bag system for all-grain brewing is an easy and cost-effective of brewing your own beer. You have a lot more flavour control over your beer when brewing with all grain and beers will taste fresher than many extract kits. Check out our Brew in a Bag system.
    Posted: Thursday 24 August 2017