Covid Plans

Covid Plans

Covid is traveling fast through New Zealand and for the next few weeks we are likely to experience supply line issues and courier delivery delays as people are forced to take a few days off to recover.

At Brewers Coop we have been planning for this and have processes in place to ensure we can continue to supply our customers.

Firstly we are holding good levels of stock.  Some of our suppliers have indeicated that lead times may increase as staffing levels are affected by covid sickleave.  So we have increased ouyr stock holding where we can to make sure we have stock to sell.

Secondly, as the infection numbers increase Brewers Coop will be running split shifts so we have 2 separate teams each working half a week.  This means if one team catches Covid then the other team should be able to continue while the first team recovers.

Thirdly, if the infection rates go through the roof we also have a plan to switch to online and contactless pickups only (ie our retail shop may close for a few weeks).  We will only activate this as a last resort but we want to let you know we have planned for the worst and that Brewers Coop will continue to get you your goods even when infection rates are over 10,000 per day.  Anyway we will let you know if we hit this level and we have to activate our high level plan.

In the meantime its business as normal so keep brewing and stay safe.  And if you need advice please dont hestitate to drop us a line.

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Posted: Wednesday 23 February 2022