Beer Kits

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  • Blackrock Beer Kits
    Blackrock Kits are made here in NZ in Dunedin.
  • Coopers Beers Kits
    These Australian Beers Kits have been a popular kit for many brewers over the years.
  • Geordie Beer Kits
    Geordie beer kits come in a range of beer styles offering great beers at honest prices. From a smooth drinking Yorkshire style Bitter to a refreshing English Pub Lager the choice is yours. Go on, treat yourself today, you can trust a Geordie pint. Geordie Liquid Kits are the simplest way to brew.
  • Lion and Brewtec Kits
    Brewed in Dunedin, New Zealand at a very well known brewery!
  • Mangrove Jacks Beer Kits
    Mangrove Jacks have the largest range of beer kits at Brewers Coop with over 50 different Beer Kits and Liquid Malt Enhancers.
  • Morgans Beer Kits
    Morgans Kits are made in Australia and have been extremely popular for brewers on both sides of the Tasman!
  • Muntons Beer Kits
    These wonderful kits made in the UK have been the premium Beer Kit for many years. (In fact my first ever brew was a Muntons Kit!)
  • Williams Warn Beer Kits
    These Williams Warn Beer kits were designed for brewing in the Williams Warn Brewing Machine and the Williams Warn Brew Kegs. However anybody can brew with these kits in their own brewing barrel.
  • Kits to make alcoholic ginger beer or non-alcoholic ginger beer
  • Bulldog Beer Kits
    Beer kits in the Bulldog Brews range all use varietal brewers yeast strains and different finishing hops. These beer kits contain all you need, just add water to make 23 litres of fantastic quality beer.