Beer Kits

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  • Blackrock Beer Kits
    Blackrock Kits are made here in NZ in Dunedin.
  • Coopers Beers Kits
    These Australian Beers Kits have been a popular kit for many brewers over the years.
  • Lion and Brewtec Kits
    Brewed in Dunedin, New Zealand at a very well known brewery!
  • Mangrove Jacks Beer Kits
    Mangrove Jacks have the largest range of beer kits at Brewers Coop with over 50 different Beer Kits and Liquid Malt Enhancers.
  • Morgans Beer Kits
    Morgans Kits are made in Australia and have been extremely popular for brewers on both sides of the Tasman!
  • Muntons Beer Kits
    These wonderful kits made in the UK have been the premium Beer Kit for many years. (In fact my first ever brew was a Muntons Kit!)
  • Brick Road
    New to NZ, Brick Road Kits are made from UK malts and have a strong malt character in your beer.
  • Kits to make alcoholic ginger beer or non-alcoholic ginger beer