CO2 Regulators and consumables

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  • CO2 Regulator - 2 Guage
    2 Gauge regulator that controls high pressure CO2 gas for use with 19L kegs. Includes shut off valve and barbed fitting for 6mm tubing.
    NZ$ 112.00
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  • Used for joining 2 regulators together to allow for carbonating and dispensing at the same time.
    NZ$ 31.50
  • Portable mini regulator
    Mini regulator for co2 dispensing.
    The kit has an inlet for standard threaded disposable 16g CO2 canisters plus adaptors for paintball cylinders, 74g CO2 cartridges and SodaStream cylinders!
    NZ$ 93.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Pro Mini Regulator
    High quality mini CO2 regulator that will regulate the flow of CO2 from the canister into the keg & maintain a set pressure while there is enough gas in the canister.
    (Tap and Lid in picture not included)
    NZ$ 90.00
    Out Of Stock
  • 6mm (1/4inch) brass shut off valve
    Use on your gas line to shut off the gas supply to one of your kegs
    NZ$ 4.90
  • Washer for D coupler for commercial keg
    NZ$ 1.50
  • Nylon CO2 Washer
    Washer for CO2 regulators for attaching to CO2 bottle.
    (ID 10.5mm, OD 18mm, thickness 4mm)
    NZ$ 1.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Premium Ball Lock Disconnect Gas (Barb)
    These high quality plastic disconnects are the most common homebrewer piece of equipment to attach to ball lock corney kegs.
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Premium Ball Lock Disconnect Liquid (Barb)
    Black Ball Lock Liquid Connect to fit on Corney keg post
    NZ$ 9.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Premium Ball Lock Disconnect MFL Fitting GAS
    Ball Lock Gas Connect Grey for corney Kegs. Has MFL thread
    NZ$ 17.00
  • Premium Ball Lock Disconnect MFL Fitting LQD
    Corney connect for Liquid. Black with MFL thread
    NZ$ 17.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Sodastream adapter to fit Mini regulator
    This adapter is used if you have a SodaStream Cylinder and wish to connect to your CO2 Regulator, perhaps for bbq or picnic when you don't want to carry your larger CO2 Cylinder.
    NZ$ 29.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Stainless Tee 6mm
    6mm tee to split the keg line. Fits 6mm ID keg tubing
    NZ$ 9.90
    Out Of Stock