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Our imported Grains and Barley from the UK, Australia, Germany and other European Growers. Buy by the Kilogram or part kilogram ie 1.2 =
  • Low Colour Maris Otter
    This low colour Maris Otter makes a great base malt for all types of light ales, bitters, and lagers. This barley is well modified producing consistent extract within the light ale colour range, producing lightly sweet and flavourful worts. 3-4 EBC
    NZ$ 5.50 1kg
  • Maris Otter Pale (UK)
    Marris Otter is an English thoroughbred. The resulting malt is typically described as having a rich, nutty flavour, well suited to a range of ales including English IPAs, Brown Ales, Porters and Stouts.

    Est. EBC: 5-7
    Est. Lovibond: 2.5-3
    NZ$ 6.30 1kg
  • UK Pale Malt
    English base malt with great bready character. Pale Ale malt forms the majority of the grist for a typical U.K. Pale Ale or Bitter beer and is made from some of the best barley available.

    Est. EBC: 5-7
    Est. Lovibond: 2.5-3
    NZ$ 5.90 1kg
  • Golden Promise (UK)
    Est. EBC: 4.5-5.8

    Est. Lovibond: 2.2-2.7

    Golden Promise, traditionally grown in Scotland, is very versatile and may be used in many ales and lagers to produce a sweet and clean wort. An integral ingredient in Scottish ales and lagers. Great base malt for UK and American IPAs.
    NZ$ 5.50 1kg
  • Vienna (Ger.)
    BEST Vienna produces a golden color, excellent foam and a pleasant mouth feel in the finished beer. Unlike BEST Heidelberg, this malt uses two-row brewing barley varieties that create more color during the malting process. The protein content is somewhat higher than in a Pilsen malt of the same crop year

    Est. EBC: 8-10
    Est. Lovibond: 3.5-4.2
    NZ$ 4.50 1kg
  • Light Munich (Ger.)
    BEST Munich intensifies the mouth feel and malty flavor of amber to dark beers in a pleasant way. Even a small amount in the grain bill gives the beer a typical malty note. Due to the generally higher levels of protein in this malt, the higher its concentration in the grain bill, the better the foam of the beers brewed with it.

    Est. EBC: 11-20
    Est. Lovibond: 4.6-8
    NZ$ 6.20 1kg
  • Dark Munich (Ger.)
    BEST Munich Dark creates intensive, full-flavoured beers with a distinctly malty body and a luminous, dark colour.

    Est. EBC: 21.35
    Est. Lovibond: 8.4-13.6
    NZ$ 6.20 1kg
  • Pilsner (German)
    BEST Pilsen Malt is rich in enzymes and has a high extract value. Used either alone or together with other malts, it is the perfect base malt for all kinds of exceptional and flavor-some beers.

    Est. EBC: 3-4.9
    Est. Lovibond: 1.5-2.3
    NZ$ 5.30 1kg
  • Heidelberg Premium Pilsner (Ger.)
    The lightest of our PIlsner malts. The perfect foundation grist for all extra pale lagers and Pilsners
    Est. EBC: max 2.9
    Est. Lovibond: max 1.5
    NZ$ 6.20 1kg
  • Pale Ale (Ger.)
    BEST Pale Ale is an ideal basis for many different styles of English Ale and numerous other beers that require a fuller, golden color and a tangy but also more full-bodied taste.

    Est. EBC: 5.7-6.1
    Est. Lovibond: 2.3-3.1
    NZ$ 6.20 1kg
  • Wheat (Ger.)
    BEST Wheat Malt emphasizes the effervescent freshness and typical top-fermented flavor of wheat beer. It is produced exclusively from high-quality brewing wheat. As it has a higher protein content than a Pilsen malt, BEST Wheat Malt is not only suited to producing typical wheat beers, but also enhances the mouth feel and improves the foam of all top-fermented beer styles.

    Est. EBC: 3-6-6.0
    Est. Lovibond: 1.9-2.7
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
    Out Of Stock
  • Amber (UK)
    Light, biscuity dry flavour and can be used to produce some English Bitter and Mild Ales. Also used to add complexity in Brown Ales and Stouts as well as the traditional London Porters

    Est. EBC: 100-140
    Est. Lovibond: 38-53
    NZ$ 7.20 1kg
    Out Of Stock
  • CaraPils (Ger.)
    Produced with German grown two-row spring barley with the same colour rating and brewing characteristics as regular Weyermann® Pilsner Malt, except for the extra enhanced foam production, head retention, and fuller body and mouth feel this product brings.
    Est. EBC: 2.5-6.5
    Est. Lovibond: 1.5-3
    NZ$ 6.30 1kg
  • Malted Rye (Ger.)
    Rye adds a spiciness, nutty complexity and dryness to the finished beer.

    Est. EBC: 6-10
    Est. Lovibond: 2.8-4.3
    NZ$ 5.80 1kg
  • BEST Caramel Aromatic
    BEST Caramel® Aromatic BEST Caramel® Aromatic gives beer an increasingly strong, malty and "caramely" flavor, as well as a correspondingly darker color. Its sensory profile ranges from honey with a light cream toffee note to a dark, strong caramel with hints of almond and nut.
    NZ$ 6.40 1kg
  • Best Red X
    BEST Red X® is a malt that has become synonymous with red-tinted beers. As it can make at 100% of the grain bill, there is no need to add any other malt. Thanks to its exceptional process reliability and optimal processability, BEST Red X® can be employed to brew consistently fiery beers with intense reddish hues.
    NZ$ 5.30 1kg
  • Chit Malt
    Produced with German grown two-row spring barley with the same colour rating and brewing characteristics as regular Weyermann® Pilsner Malt, except for the extra enhanced foam production, head retention, and fuller body and mouth feel this product brings.
    Est. EBC: 2.5-6.5
    Est. Lovibond: 1.5-3
    NZ$ 4.80 1kg
    Out Of Stock
  • German Abbey Malt
    Special kiln malt for particularly full-bodied beer styles, typically for:

    Pale Ale; Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Blond Ale, Season, Trappist Single, Belgian IPA, Biére de Garde, Belgian Dubbel, Extra Special Bitter, Belgian Golden Strong Ale, Belgian Tripel, Belgian Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel, Barley wine, Flanders Red Ale, Oud Bruin
    NZ$ 4.80 1kg
  • CaraRed (Ger.)
    Carared® is perfect for adding red colour values to red ales and Vienna lagers. Slightly aromatic. Contributes gentle maltiness as well as some body to finished beer.

    Est. EBC: 40-60
    Est. Lovibond: 15.5-23
    NZ$ 5.50 1kg
  • CaraBelge (Ger.)
    Carabelge is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from two-row, German barley that can be used to deliver mild and restrained notes of honey, caramel flavor and aroma, while also imparting honey-colored hue.

    Est. EBC: 30-35
    Est. Lovibond: 11.8-14
    NZ$ 4.50 1kg
  • CaraMalt (UK)
    Caramalts are used to give colour and flavour to pale beers but should be used with care to avoid making the beer too dark or giving it too cloying a flavour.

    Est. EBC: 30-40
    Est. Lovibond: 12-15.5
    NZ$ 7.20 1kg
  • Dark CaraMalt (UK)
    Dark Caramalt produces strongly sweet caramel toffee like flavours. They contain no enzymes.

    Est. EBC: 80-110
    Est. Lovibond: 30-42
    NZ$ 4.80 1kg
    Out Of Stock

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