Base Malts

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  • Brewers Wheat Malt
    This German wheat has a clean, wheaty and bready flavour. Adds body and head retention, with a typical wheat flavour.
    Perfect for German and Belgian Wheat beers, Saisons and Hazy IPAs
    NZ$ 5.90 1kg
  • UK Pale Malt
    English base malt with great bready character. Pale Ale malt forms the majority of the grist for a typical U.K. Pale Ale or Bitter beer and is made from some of the best barley available.

    Est. EBC: 5-7
    Est. Lovibond: 2.5-3
    NZ$ 5.80 1kg
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  • Brewers Pilsner Malt
    Our House Brand Pilsner Malt - exclusive to Brewers Coop.
    Clean fermenting Pilsner Malt. Lovely straw colour wort.

    Est. EBC: 3.3-4.5

    Est. Lovibond: 1.8-2.3
    NZ$ 4.50 1kg
  • Brewers Pale Ale Malt
    Our House brand Pale Ale Malt - exclusive to Brewers Coop.

    Best suited to nearly all NZ and American styles including Pale Ale, IPA and also as a base for darker beers.

    Est. EBC: 5-6

    Est. Lovibond: 2.4-2.8
    NZ$ 4.60 1kg
  • Ale Malt (Gladfield)
    Base malt made from two-row English bred winter barley. One of Gladfields' most popular base malts.
    Tastes lightly toasty, warm biscuit flavours, reminiscent of unsweetened granola. Adds a toasty malt character typical of English style Ale Malt, full in body and flavour.
    NZ$ 4.00 1kg
  • American Ale (Gladfield)
    Base malt used to showcase hop flavours. Lightly toasted, with notes of plain white bread. Provides full body and neutral flavour
    NZ$ 4.00 1kg
  • Distillers' Malt (Gladfield)
    Premium malt produced from 2-row barley for distilling. Malty, sweet flavours. Adds flavour and good yields for single malt whisky distilling.
    NZ$ 3.90 1kg
  • Pilsner (Gladfield NZ)
    Base malt which is also known as Lager Malt made from 2-row barley. Tastes of sweet hay and muesli with minimal sweetness. Adds light malty flavour and good diastatic power.
    NZ$ 4.00 1kg
  • Pilsner (German)
    BEST Pilsen Malt is rich in enzymes and has a high extract value. Used either alone or together with other malts, it is the perfect base malt for all kinds of exceptional and flavor-some beers.

    Est. EBC: 3-4.9
    Est. Lovibond: 1.5-2.3
    NZ$ 5.90 1kg
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  • Munich (Gladfield)
    Base malt kilned to produce great body and rich malt flavours. Tastes bready, moderate sweetness, with mild honey and biscuit flavours. Provides a deep orange colour and a malty, nutty flavour.
    NZ$ 4.40 1kg
  • Vienna (Gladfield)
    A traditional Vienna style base malt. Malty with medium toast. Moderate sweetness like toast with honey. Light malty flavours. A big, white head, lots of body and golden to orange colours.
    NZ$ 4.40
  • Maris Otter Pale (UK)
    Marris Otter is an English thoroughbred. The malt is typically described as having a rich, nutty flavour, well suited to a range of ales including English IPAs, Brown Ales, Porters and Stouts.

    Est. EBC: 5-7
    Est. Lovibond: 2.5-3
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
    Out Of Stock
  • Golden Promise (UK)
    Est. EBC: 4.5-5.8

    Est. Lovibond: 2.2-2.7

    Golden Promise, traditionally grown in Scotland, is very versatile and may be used in many ales and lagers to produce a sweet and clean wort. An integral ingredient in Scottish ales and lagers. Great base malt for UK and American IPAs.
    NZ$ 6.50 1kg
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  • Wheat Malt (Gladfield)
    A malted wheat grain. Has a clean, wheaty flavour. Adds body and head retention, with a typical wheat flavour.
    NZ$ 4.80 1kg
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  • Wheat (Ger.)
    BEST Wheat Malt emphasizes the effervescent freshness and typical top-fermented flavor of wheat beer. It is produced exclusively from high-quality brewing wheat. As it has a higher protein content than a Pilsen malt, BEST Wheat Malt is not only suited to producing typical wheat beers, but also enhances the mouth feel and improves the foam of all top-fermented beer styles.

    Est. EBC: 3-6-6.0
    Est. Lovibond: 1.9-2.7
    NZ$ 5.90 1kg
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