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  • Essencia Carbon Cartridge
    For use in the Essencia Carbon Filter. Specialized activated carbon specifically designed for the treatment of alcohol. Designed to treat 5 batches only, or approximately 45 - 50 litres of alcohol at 40% ABV
    NZ$ 55.50
  • Essencia Ceramic Dome Filter
    For use in the Essencia Carbon Filter. The sub micron properties of the ceramic provide for unequalled levels of filtration. Filled with activated carbon for the treatment of the non alcohol liquids.
    NZ$ 58.00
  • Also suitable for funnel filters
    NZ$ 17.30
  • Add 80g to one batch of spirit in container and let stand for 7 - 10 days. Always treat the spirit with finishing carbon after.
    NZ$ 15.50
  • A combination of high grade carbons designed to remove the impurities from distillate collected from any type of still using the Z carbon Filter.
    NZ$ 8.30
  • A combination high grade carbons designed to remove the impurities from distillate collected from any type of still using the Z Filter
    NZ$ 8.30
  • A combination high grade carbons designed to remove the impurities from distillate collected from any type of still using the Z Filter
    NZ$ 22.20
  • Still Spirits Turbo Carbon
    Turbo Carbon’s unique activated internal pore structure removes impurities that are not taken out by post distillation filtration. Use with any Turbo Yeast for a cleaner, smoother tasting spirit.
    NZ$ 3.90
  • Air Still Carbon Cartridges
    Each carbon cartridge is suitable to filter up to 1125mls (40oz) of distilled spirit or grain alcohol. Discard old cartridge after each use.
    NZ$ 8.90
  • EZ Filter Carbon Cartridge
    Fast, clean, easy to use. Contains one replacement cartridge for EZ Filter System or EZ Inline Filter, specifically designed for the maximum purification of alcohol or water.
    NZ$ 8.50
  • Carbon Filtering for the Stainless Steel Vertaflow Filter
    NZ$ 7.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Use 10g/Litre.To be used in conjuction with Filter Carbon. To absorb odour and flavour from distillation
    NZ$ 17.60
  • Use 10g/Litre. To be used in conjuntion with Treatment Carbon to remove colour and harsh spirit flavour.
    NZ$ 11.80
  • Use 10g/Litre. A special blend for spirit from reflux stills
    NZ$ 17.40
  • Essencia Carbon Filter System
    The Essencia Carbon Filter is a gravity system, and filters alcohol when the fluid level in the upper reservoir is higher than the level in the lower reservoir. The system stops processing when the levels are equal.

    The unit uses 2 different carbon treatment cartridges so no need to measure out loose carbon to filter your alcohol.
    NZ$ 187.50
    Out Of Stock
  • EZ Filter System
    A cartridge carbon filter that is fast, clean and easy to use. It uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours from distilled alcohol. Due to the compressed nature of the cartridges the alcohol is forced past a vast amount of active pores so filtration is assured.
    The system kit contains upper 10L reservoir, filter unit, filter cartridge, lower 10L reservoir unit, outlet.
    NZ$ 129.00
  • EZ Filter Inline System
    Fast, clean, easy to use carbon cartridge based system. Using the same EZ Filter Cartridge as the EZ Filter system, the inline system attaches to your existing bucket fed system. Specifically designed for the maximum purification of your distilled alcohol.
    NZ$ 56.00
  • Air Still Foam Washers
    Foam washers that seal the carbon cartridge into the filter
    NZ$ 6.20
  • NZ$ 43.50
    Out Of Stock
  • Replacement Ceramic Filter for the Spirits Unlimited Filter System
    NZ$ 32.50
  • Treats and finishes undiluted spirit on contact. Filter units should be filled and adjusted to a flow rate of 1L per hour. Bottom fed systems use 10g / L
    NZ$ 16.60
  • Still Spirits Filter Pro
    The Filter Pro is a gravity-fed, carbon filter that customers can use to filter 8 litres of spirit at a time via the large stainless steel hopper, through 500 g loose carbon packed into the long stainless steel filter column.

    With easy-to-use features such as tri-clamps, flow control and removeable door and wall mounts, filtering spirit is no longer a chore!
    NZ$ 220.00
    NZ$ 199.90
    Out Of Stock

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