Essencia Spirit Essences

We are open and shipping online orders only from 6th April 2020.  Our Retail shop is closed while we are in Level 4 of the lockdown so there can be no pickups from Brewers Coop.  All orders are being couriered via our normal courier company.  Please note that we are on reduced staffing and some product lines are out of stock.  We will contact you if your order needs substitutions buut rest assured we are doing our best to get you your brewing supplies.  Take care,  Bryan 

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  • Essencia Conards Vodka
    Canard Vodka (Grey Goose) - a fantastic vodka, smooth and slightly sweet with very subtle notes of almond and citrus.
    NZ$ 12.50
  • Essencia Bourbon
    This is a fantastic bourbon with warm, vanilla and oak notes which will appeal to all drinkers of the great American spirit.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Bourbon Chunks (500g)
    Made from a blend of fresh barrels from the Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's and Wild Turkey distilleries.
    - For those who want to make the best bourbon possible.
    - Will produce 2 x 1,125mL bottles of the finest quality bourbon in only one week.
    - Use again to produce a further 2 x 1,125mL bottles of good bourbon in three weeks.
    - These chunks can be used a third time, soaking 2.3L of spirit for 5-6 weeks, then adding a bottle of essencia bourbon flavour to produce another 2 x 1,125mL bottles of great bourbon.
    NZ$ 33.00
  • Essencia Carribean Rum
    a deep and rich Jamaican rum with a slight sweetness and a hint of spice.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Dark Jamaican Rum
    Smooth and mellow; a traditional Jamaican dark rum, full of rich flavours.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Fermanagh Whiskey
    A smokey, peat single malt. With a uniquely smooth and fully-rounded flavour, this Irish whiskey will appeal to the connoisseur. This whiskey ages brilliantly.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Gin
    Making 5 litres, this is the best value, high-quality gin available. A botanical taste experience - perfect alone or mixed with friends.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Navy Rum
    A dark, sweet rum modelled on the original high seas navy-issue 'Tot'.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Rye Whisky
    The royal crown of ryes. For those who enjoy the finest Canadian rye whisky. This has also proven to be a favourite with bourbon drinkers.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Tequila (Gold)
    A golden tequila with subtle agave notes and a hint of oak.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Tequila Classico (Silver)
    Clear and smooth; an ultra-premium tequila taste.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia VSOP Brandy
    A brandy of exceptional character. Rich, smooth and full of cognac flavour with a wonderful grape aroma
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia Walkers Whisky
    The authentic taste in Scotch whisky with subtle oak and peat notes.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Essencia White Rum
    Simply the best. The Caribbean favourite is sure to be first choice of those who want the true White Rum flavour.
    NZ$ 12.40
  • Scotch Whisky
    A top-quality scotch with subtle peat and oak notes and the long-lasting taste of the highlands. A simply superb wee dram.
    NZ$ 12.40