Schnapps Liqueurs

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These Schnapps Liqueurs need a Schnapps or Liqueur Base to add sweetness and body
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  • Apple Schnapps
    Delightfully crisp, just like Granny Smith apples!
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Banana Schnapps
    Rich yellow schnapps with strong banana aroma.
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Blackberry Schnapps
    A sweet, purple schnapps with the full taste of blackberries.
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Butterscotch Schnapps
    Schnapps with the flavour of butterscotch. Also fantastic with irish cream 50/50
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Feijoa Schnapps
    A liqueur with the unique New Zealand flavour of Feijoa.
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Hot Cinnamon Schnapps
    Schnapps with the fragrant flavours of hot cinnamon.
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Peach Schnapps
    Sweet, clear liqueur with a soft flavour and the aroma of fresh peaches.
    NZ$ 10.30
    Out Of Stock
  • Pear Schnapps
    A strong, juicy pear schnapps.
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Pineapple Schnapps
    A liqueur with the sweet taste of pineapples.
    NZ$ 10.30
  • Strawberry Schnapps
    A sweet liqueur with the soothing taste of strawberry jam.
    NZ$ 10.30