Ginger Beer Kits

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Kits to make alcoholic ginger beer or non-alcoholic ginger beer
  • Brigalow Ginger Beer Kit
    Makes 23L of Ginger beer. Can make alcoholic or non alcoholic
    NZ$ 26.50
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  • Ginger Extract Enhancer
    Lifts the Ginger flavour in your ginger beers
    NZ$ 6.50
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  • MJ Gingered Beer Pouch 1.8kg
    Lightly hopped beer with ginger
    ABV Approx: 4.4%
    IBU: 12-18
    Optimal Fermenting Temp: 20 - 25ºC
    Makes:23 L
    Yeast: Standard Ale Yeast 5g
    Brewing Sugar Required: 1.2kg Pure Liquid Malt Extract or 1kg Dextrose
    NZ$ 29.90
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  • Morgans Ginger Beer 1kg makes 20L
    Formulated with the perfect balance of malted grains and ginger. A great summer drink with ice or as a mixer with Dark Rum and a slice of lime. Both non alcoholic and alcoholic versions can be made from this kit
    NZ$ 37.50
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