Special X

Special X

Special X

Code: M007

BEST Special X® is a dark caramel malt that has been roasted only for a short time resulting in a very intensive, exceptional flavor profile. Adding max. 20% to the grain bill leads to a luminous, chestnut red to chestnut brown color in a 12°P beer. Even when used in smaller amounts, the malt is ideally suited to supporting the overall body of dark beers.
Est. EBC: 300-400

Est. Lovibond: 115-150
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Est. EBC: 350-450

Est. Lovibond: 130-169

Produced with German grown two-row spring barley Caraaroma® produces a gentle, malty caramel flavours. Enhances mouth feel. Adds deep red colour. Promotes flavour stability. Strong raisin sweetness taste. Use up to 20% of total grain bill.