Rockin Kiwi Pale Ale

Rockin Kiwi Pale Ale

23L All Grain Recipe

A nice sessionable pale ale using NZ Hop varieties that I would call very under-rated. Rakau and Wai-Iti hops arent as popular as Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin but are great NZ hops for a summer pale ale, and are truly 'banging NZ Pale Ale'



4.54kg Gladfield Pale Ale 

230g Gladfield Light Crystal


15g Rakau (60 min)

10g Rakau (30 min)

12g Rakau (15 min)

63g Rakau (Flameout 80 degrees for 15 min)

60g Wai-Iti  (Dry Hop on day 4-5 for 3 Days)


WLP001 California Ale or Safale 05 American Ale


Mash at 65 degrees C for one hour.  Mash out at 70 degreews (Optional).

60 minute boil with hoop additions as set out in the ingredients list above.

Ferment at 18 - 22 degrres C for 7 to 10 days until gravity is consistant over 2 days usually 1.010 to 1.012

Dry Hop when fermentation is slowing (usually around day 4)


Est OG 1.048

Est FG 1.010

Est ABV 4.8%

Calculated base on 75% efficiency

Posted: Saturday 3 December 2022


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