Centennial Session Ale

Centennial Session Ale

This easy drinking session ale is the perfect beer for these hot summer days.  All Grain recipe that makes 23L.  Enjoy!


2kg  Pilsner

2.4kg  Ale

200g  Vienna

200g  Light Crystal

200g  Wheat


5g Moutere 15.6% (60 min boil)

20g Centennial (20 min boil)

25g Centennial (5 min boil)

30g Centennial (Dry Hop 3 days)


Safale 05

60 min mash at 65 degrees C

60 min boil with hop additions as per recipe

Ferment betwen 18 and 22 degrees C with dry hop towards end of fermentation on day 4 or 5 for 3 days.

Est OG  1.047

Est FG  1.013

Est ABV  4.5%

Bitterness  35  IBU

Posted: Saturday 13 January 2024


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