Awesomeness in a glass - Extract Recipe

Awesomeness in a glass - Extract Recipe


1x can of Black Rock Golden Ale

1x can of Black Rock Blonde (or ultralight) unhopped malt

50g Galaxy

50g Centennial

Safale 05 American Ale Yeast


Put 25 grams of each hop in a coffee plunger and pour boiling water over then set aside.

Add contents of the two cans into your sterilised fermenter and add 5L of tap water (not boiling water). Stir well for 3 minutes.

After steeping your hops for 10 minutes push plunger down and add the hop tea to your fermenter.  Stir well until all the liquid malt is fully disolved.  Top up to 23L with tap water and stir before sprinkling on the yeast.

On day 4 of the ferment add the remaining 25 grams of both hops (just loose is preferred rather than bagged) and leave for a further 4 days or until fermentation is complete.

Prime and bottle as normal.  Wait at least 2 weeks before sampling, but taste is best after 4 weeks.

NOTE:  In summer if you use hot water to dissolve the malts, the starting fermentation temerature starts too high and can cause 


Posted: Saturday 27 January 2024


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