Summer Wheat Beer

Summer Wheat Beer

Summer Wheat Beer

23L All Grain

This character of this beer largely comes from the yeast rather than from the hops.  German Wheat yeast gives you banana and spice including clove-like aromas (And it tastes much better than the description!)

 It’s a great summer Beer and at under 5% it is more sessionable than many pale ales and IPAs.



2.7kg   Pilsner

200g   Vienna

2.0kg   Wheat



20g  Tettnanger  (60min)

30g Tettnanger (10 min)



MJ Bavarian Wheat



Est OG  1.048

Est FG  1.012

Est ABV  4.8%

IBU 18



Mash at 65 degrees C for 60 minutes.  Mashout at 75 degrees C for 10 minutes

60 min boil with hop additions as per ingredients list

Ferment at 20 degrees C until desired FG is reached.  Bottle and age for 2 weeks before tasting.  This beer is designed to be drunk young and not aged for long periods.

Posted: Friday 5 January 2024


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