'Summers Coming' Pale Ale

'Summers Coming' Pale Ale

This is one of my Pre-Covid beers and is the perfect beer to rehydrate while cooking the summer bbq.  And now that the weather is on the improve,  its time to brew it again.  Impress your friends with this easy drinking pale ale with tropical and orange citrus notes - one of the best crafted home brewed beers that you will make for summer. 


4.6kg Brewers Pale Ale

250g White Wheat

250 Med Crystal

200g Toffee Malt


15g Nugget (60 min)

25g Casacde (20 min)

30g Amarillo (Flameout at 80 degrees C for 15 min)

30g Cascade (Flameout at 80 degrees C for 15 min)

50g Amarillo (Dry Hop on day 4 for 3 days)


Safale 05 American Ale


Mash at 65 degrees C for 60 minute.  1 hour boil with hop additions as above.

Ferment at 20 degrees


23L All Grain

est Bitterness 39 IBU

est OG 1.053

est FG 1.014

est ABV 5.1%

Posted: Friday 13 October 2023


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