Pimped Up Pale Ale (Extract version)

Pimped Up Pale Ale (Extract version)

1x Black Rock Pilsner Blonde Kit 1.7kg (there should be enough bittering in this kit to replace the 60 min hop addition in the all grain recipe)

1x Black Rock Light LME 1.7kg


500g Maris Otter

150g Carapils


50g Centennial - Steeped at 80 degrees C for 15 minutes

35g Nelson Sauvin - Steeped at 80 degrees C for 15 minutes

50g Centennis Dry Hopped on day 4 for 4 days

50g Nelson Sauvin Dry Hopped on day 4 fpr 4 days

2x Safale 05 American Ale


Steep the milled grains in 2-3 L water at 67 degrees C for 1 hour.  Remove the grains then Sparge (pour hot water around 75 degrees C) with 3L hot water through those grains to flush out any extra fermentables.  Combine the wort (tea from the grains) and the liquid from the sparge process and bring this to the boil to sterilise the liquid.

Boil for 30 min then cool to 80 degrees C.  Add steeping hops and leave for 15 minutes before crash cooling in a sink of cold water.  Add contents to your fermenter then add in the 2 cans of liquid malt. Stir well then top up to 23L.  Aim for 18-22 degrees C before pitching your yeast.

Dry hop on day 4 of the fermentation and leave a further 4 days before bottling (FG should be consistant around 1.012)


Posted: Monday 23 January 2023


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