Peacemaker Ale (Extract Recipe) 23L

Peacemaker Ale (Extract Recipe) 23L

1x Black Rock Pale Ale

1x Black Rock Light unhopped malt extract or blonde unhopped extract

1x Safale 05 American Ale Yeast

50g Nelson Sauvin Hops (Dry Hopped - added on day 4 of the fermentation) 

50g Motueka Hops (Dry Hopped - added on day 4 of the fermentation) 

Add the Pale Ale and the unhopped extract into your fermenter with 2L of hot water.  Stir well until desolved.   Add an further 6-7L of cold tap water then stir again to make sure everthing is well disolved.  Top up to 23L with cold water ensuring the final temperature is 18-20 degrees C. (you might need to add another 1-2L of hot water during this process if the beer is too cool ie 15-16 degrees)

Sprinkle on the yeast and attach lid and airlock.  Ferment for 4 days then add the dry hops.  Reattach lid and ferment until completion.

Bottle and prime bottles before capping.  

Posted: Saturday 8 July 2023


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