Citrillo IPA all grain recipe

Citrillo IPA all grain recipe

Citrillo IPA

I find it incredible that you blend two hops and you dont get a combination of each of the flavours but something quite new and unexpected.  Citra and Amarillo are incredible hops in their own right but blend them and you'll be amazed.  This is a great summer beer so get brewing it for Christmas and New Year - if it lasts that long! 

Vol 23L

Estimated OG: 1.059

Estimated FG: 1.015

Estimated ABV: 5.8%

Estimated IBU:  49 IBU


5.4kg Pale Malt

300g Munich

200g Wheat

Hops: 60 min hop boil

  • 14 g Nugget (60 min)
  • 20 g Amarillo (20 min)
  • 10 g Citra (20 min)
  • 30 g Amarillo (10 min Flameout at 80 degrees C)
  • 15 g Citra (10 min Flameout at 80 degrees C)
  • Dry hop for 3 days, 60 g Amarillo
  • Dry hop for 3 days, 40 g Citra


Lallemand Bry97 or MJ M44 West Coast IPA



Mash at 67 degrees C for 60 minutes.  Mash out at 75 if you wish.

60 minute boil with hop additions as per recipe.  After the boil drop temperature to 80 degrees C for the Flame out additions.

Ferment at 20 degrees C until final gravity stabilises, dry hopping for the last 3 days.

Posted: Wednesday 1 November 2023


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