2 Faced - East Coast Hazy IPA

2 Faced - East Coast Hazy IPA


Batch size: 5 NZ gallons (23 liters)

Brewhouse efficiency: 75%

OG: 1.055

FG: 1.013

IBUs: 50

ABV: 5.5%



4.4 kg pale two-row

900g flaked oats

250g Carapils



10 g Columbus [14% AA] at 60 minutes

50 g Mosaic [12.25% AA] at whirlpool

35 g Cascade [5.5% AA] at whirlpool

100 g Mosaic, dry hop

50 g Cascade, dry hop

50 g Citra, dry hop

50 g Simcoe, dry hop


¼ teaspoon of Calcium Chloride in boil



Lallemand New England Hazy yeast or Wyeast A1318 London3 or Whitelabs London Fog



Mill the grains and mash at 68°C for 60 minutes. Vorlauf until the runnings are clear, then run off into the kettle. Sparge the grains and top up as necessary to obtain around 27 litres of wort—or more, depending on your evaporation rate. Boil for 60 minutes, following the hops schedule. After the boil, spin the wort, add the whirlpool hops, and cover. Let rest for 10 minutes. Chill the wort to slightly below fermentation temperature, about 19°C. Aerate the wort and pitch the yeast. Ferment at 20°C. Once primary fermentation activity subsides, dry hop for five days.

Posted: Wednesday 24 February 2021


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