Citra Bomb Pale Ale Extract Recipe

Citra Bomb Pale Ale Extract Recipe

For a single 23L recipe you will need:

1x can of Black Rock Pilsner or Muntons Pilsner (these kits have enough bitterness already for this recipe)

1x can of Ultra Light or Light Liquid malt extract

Safale 05 yeast

50g of Citra Hops added to a coffee plunger with boiling water (steeped for 10 minutes) then added to fermenter when mixing up the liquid malts

100g Citra hops added on day 5 of the ferment and left for 3 days (Rock the fermenter gently for 2 minutes each day to help the hop leaf drop to the bottom of the fermenter)

Once fermentation is complete, bottle as normal, priming with carbonation drops or 1 rounded teaspoon of sugar per 750 ml bottle.  Approx 4.5% is making to 23L.


Posted: Saturday 5 August 2023


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