Friday 13th Black IPA 23L

Friday 13th Black IPA 23L


5kg   NZ Pale

500g  German Light Munich

340g  Carafa Special 3

350g  Gladfields Light crystal

250g  UK Amber

200g  German Wheat



10g  Citra (60 min)

40g Centennial (20 min)

40g  Simcoe  (Flameout for 10 min)

40g Mosaic  (Flameout for 10 min)

40g Citra  (Flameout for 10 min)

60g  Simcoe  (dry hop 5 days)

60g Mosaic  (dry hop 5 days)

60g Citra  (dry hop 5 days)



M44 West Coast Ale Yeast

Vol 23L
est OG 1.067
est FG 1.015
est ABV 6.8%
IBU 44

Mash 65 degrees for 60 min

60 Minute Boil

Tags: Black IPA  All Grain  

Posted: Friday 13 September 2019


  • What a success! Even the sceptics who just wanted a tiny taste came back for more, this is one to keep on the list - so popular with my friends/tasters.
    Posted: 2020-01-27 18:57   by Peter