Still Spirits Filter Pro

Still Spirits Filter Pro

Still Spirits Filter Pro

Code: 10692

The Filter Pro is a gravity-fed, carbon filter that customers can use to filter 8 litres of spirit at a time via the large stainless steel hopper, through 500 g loose carbon packed into the long stainless steel filter column.

With easy-to-use features such as tri-clamps, flow control and removeable door and wall mounts, filtering spirit is no longer a chore!
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Benefits of the Filter Pro include:

  • Filters an impressive 8 litres of spirit at a time
  • Fits 500 g Still Spirits Carbon (included)
  • Filter papers included for additional filtration, preventing dust and carbon particles
  • Removable door and wall mounted brackets included
  • Easy to connect tri-clamps
  • Easy flow control

The quality stainless-steel build means the Filter Pro looks sleek and impressive in any space your customer decides to mount it - made possible with the removable door and wall mounts included.