Alcotec 48 Turbo

Alcotec 48 Turbo

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New packaging.

Add 15 Litres of lukewarm water/25C. to your fermenter., then add sugar/dextrose.
Top up with water to 25 Litres total, adjusting the themperature of the liquid (allowing for amount of sugar added) and stir.
Add contents of this sachet and mix.
Do not use an airlock.
6kgs sugar is intended to make 14% a/v, mix temp 20-35C. approx 2 days to ferment
7kgs sugar is intended to make 17% a/v, mix temp 20-30C. approx 3 days to ferment
8kgs sugar is intended to make 19% a/v, mix temp 20-27C. approx 5 days to ferment
9 kgs sugar is intended to make approx 21% a/v, mix temp 18-24C. 7-10 days to ferment
Note: To reach 21% alcohol you MUST keep liquid temperature constant between 18-24C which cannot be done without cooling/temperature controlled equipment.

Click on "accessories" if you want finings or 6kg dextrose brewing sugar. (NB: If you want 5 or 7kgs click on dextrose to bring  drop down options up).