Pale Ale (Ger.)

Pale Ale (Ger.)

Pale Ale (Ger.)

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BEST Pale Ale is an ideal basis for many different styles of English Ale and numerous other beers that require a fuller, golden color and a tangy but also more full-bodied taste.

Est. EBC: 5.7-6.1
Est. Lovibond: 2.3-3.1
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Est. EBC: 5.5-7.5

Est. Lovibond: 2.6-3.4

German-grown two-row spring barley processed specifically for English characteristics. Highly modified for use with both single or multi-step infusion. Perfect foundation grist for all ales, but yields great results in lager-making too.  Low protein and glucan levels for easy lautering and high extract efficiency. Provides excellent body, pale colour, and complex maltiness to the finished beer.