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  • Sessionable Hazy IPA
    Love Hazy beers but dont want 6.5 - 7%, that have you sitting on one beer for the night? This recipe is for you as its more sessionable at under 5%.
    Try this one... Great tropical fruit and citrus flavours and great mouthfeel. Give it a go.
    Posted: Friday 29 July 2022
  • Black Stripe Coconut Porter
    The brewers developed this food-friendly, flavourful yet easy-drinking porter Mètier Brewery in Seattle USA.
    Posted: Saturday 4 June 2022
  • Insomnia Coffee Bourbon Porter - extract recipe
    Voted peoples choice at Beervana!

    Freshly roasted blend of Columbian coffee, vanilla and
    bourbon, with a touch of Porter. Rich and aromatic with
    a smooth latte finish
    Posted: Thursday 2 June 2022
  • Moonless Night
    For something a little different try our Schwarzbier recipe. Moonless Night is our Dark Lager and as far as dark beers go it is far lighter bodied than a stout or porter and less hoppy than a black IPA. This easy drinking session beer will have you wanting more.
    Posted: Thursday 21 April 2022
  • Clone: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Recipe
    Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale highlight Cascade and Centennial Hops and is a great beer to drink all year round! This is not an official recipe but instead our take on a recipe inspired by this beer.
    Posted: Saturday 12 March 2022
  • Wedding IPA - Winning extract recipe
    I had 3 weeks to make a beer for a family wedding and it was a big hit.

    Due to the limited time (and warning) I made up my favourite extract kits with a little extra citra hops. Brewed, kegged and served in 3 weeks!
    Posted: Monday 28 February 2022
  • Extract Black IPA
    Mess with your mind and have the flavour of an IPA in a beer that looks like a porter! Is it a hoppy porter or a Black IPA? You decide!
    Posted: Saturday 29 January 2022
  • German Pilsner (the NZ way)
    With the heat of summer its nice to have a lower strength quaffing beer. Our NZ take on a traditional German Pilsner is a great summer drink and it works out at approx 80c per 500ml glass! Now that's cost effective!
    Posted: Saturday 22 January 2022
  • Freedom Day IPA
    Wednesday 10th November is Freedom Day for retail businesses in Auckland. After 3 months in covid lockdown we are allowed to open to retail customers again. So what better way to celebrate...A Freedom Day IPA!
    Posted: Saturday 6 November 2021
  • Mint and Cucumber Sour 19L
    Cucumber adds a bright cucumber/green melon flavour to this Berliner Weisse. And the addition of mint adds a freshness that works so well.
    This beer works amazingly when paired with a roast lamb dish. The mint and cucumber sour reminds me of fresh home made mint sauce. And a sour beer always works to cut through the fat of roast meat. It’s a winner.
    Posted: Friday 9 July 2021 , 2 Comments

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