Geordie Beer Kits

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Geordie beer kits come in a range of beer styles offering great beers at honest prices. From a smooth drinking Yorkshire style Bitter to a refreshing English Pub Lager the choice is yours. Go on, treat yourself today, you can trust a Geordie pint. Geordie Liquid Kits are the simplest way to brew.
  • Geordie Lager 1.5kg
    A light gold and refreshing beer with a tangy continental taste
    NZ$ 18.90
  • Geordie Bitter 1.5kg
    Is a traditional well-hopped deep amber bitter with a rich nutty flavor that real bitter drinkers love.
    NZ$ 18.60
  • Geordie Mild 1.5kg
    A dark mild with the traditional, fuller northern taste.
    NZ$ 18.60
    Out Of Stock
  • Geordie Yorkshire Bitter 1.5kg
    This light colored, full bodied ale has a slightly sweet taste and a creamy head.
    NZ$ 18.60