International Series

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Enjoy the range of beer styles from around the world
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  • Made from a careful balance of wheat and barley malt. This is a crisp refreshing, distinctive beer, to enjoy at its prime. Serve chilled with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Makes 23 Litres.
    Target ABV: 4.5%
    IBU: 14-18
    EBC: 3-7
    NZ$ 23.30
  • Typical of the smooth, easy drinking beers of belgium. Drink with care - one glass begs another. Makes 23 Litres.
    Target ABV: 4.5%
    IBU: 24-30
    EBC: 10-14
    NZ$ 24.90
  • Light and delicate, this pilsener is a great thirst quencher. Makes 23 Litres.
    NZ$ 20.60
  • Golden crisp lager very popular in Northern Europe. Light and refreshing. Makes 23 Litres
    NZ$ 20.60
  • MJ Golden Lager 1.7kg
    A refreshing, easy drinking, golden lager with a balanced, smooth flavour, complimented by mild bitterness. Makes 23 Litres
  • Very dark and very hoppy. A rich beer of great character, best served at cellar temperatures. Makes 23 litres.
    Target ABV: %
    IBU: 25-35
    EBC: 90-110
    NZ$ 23.80
  • A gentle, delicate light lager subtly flavoured. Refreshing to the full. Serve chilled with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Makes 23 Litres
    NZ$ 20.60
  • A light hoppy lager modelled on the full bodied beer available across mainland Europe. Serve chilled to appreciate its rich character. Makes 23 litres.
    Target ABV: 4.5%
    IBU: 15-19
    EBC: 11-15
    NZ$ 19.60
  • A rich creamy chocolate brown ale. Very smooth and well rounded with a pleasant hop flavour and light bitterness. Makes 23 Litres.
    NZ$ 22.50
  • MJ Classic Bitter 1.7kg
    A hoppy, distinctive lager style beer with a crisp, bitter taste, to really satisfy your thirst. Makes 23 Litres.