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Our imported Grains and Barley from the UK, Australia, Germany and other European Growers. Buy by the Kilogram or part kilogram ie 1.2 =
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  • Roast Barley (UK)
    Est. EBC: 1300-1600

    Est. Lovibond: 490-600
    NZ$ 4.90 1kg
  • Pale Chocolate (UK)
    Est. EBC: 500-600

    Est. Lovibond: 188-225
    NZ$ 4.90 1kg
  • Chocolate (UK)
    Est. EBC: 1100-1300

    Est. Lovibond: 415-490
    NZ$ 5.20 1kg
  • Carafa Special Type I (Ger.)
    Est. EBC: 800-1000

    Est. Lovibond: 300-375
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
  • Carafa Special II (Ger.)
    Est. EBC: 1100-1200

    Est. Lovibond: 413-450
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
  • Carafa Special Type III (Ger.)
    Est. EBC: 1300-1500

    Est. Lovibond: 525.50
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
  • Black Malt
    Est. EBC: 1300-1600

    Est. Lovibond: 488-600
    NZ$ 5.30 1kg
  • Oaked Smoked Wheat (Ger.)
    Est. EBC: 4 - 6

    Est. Lovibond: 2.1 - 2.8
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
  • Smoked Barley (UK)
    Est. EBC: 4-6

    Est. Lovibond: 2-3
    NZ$ 6.00 1kg
  • Flaked Maize (Ger.)
    Est. EBC: 3-5

    Est. Lovibond: 1.7-2.4
    NZ$ 6.40 1kg
  • Rolled or Flaked Barley
    Est. EBC: n/a

    Est. Lovibond: n/a

    Flaked unmalted barley is often used in Stouts to provide protein for head retention and body. It can also be used in other strong ale styles. Use 250g-500g per 23L gal batch. Flaked barley must be mashed with base malt.
    NZ$ 5.60 1kg
  • Whole malted maize.
    Est. EBC: 3-5

    Est. Lovibond: 1.7-2.4
    NZ$ 5.80 1kg
  • Oat Hulls 600g bag
    Used to add bulk to the grain so it reduces chances of a stuck sparge. Add at rate of 300g per 5.5kg grain bill. Adds no flavour to your beer.
    NZ$ 4.00

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