Sessionable Hazy IPA

Sessionable Hazy IPA


OG = 1.044   FG = 1.008

IBU = 48   SRM = 6   ABV = 4.7%




4.6 kg 2-row pale malt

140 g crystal malt (40 °L)

280 g flaked oats


10g Mosaic™ hop pellets (60 min.)

26g Mosaic™ hop pellets (15 min.)

18g Citra® hop pellets (15 min.)

70g Mosaic™ hop pellets (0 min.)

86 g Mosaic™ hop pellets (dry hop)

10 g Citra® hop pellets (dry hop)

1⁄2 tsp. Irish moss (10 min.)



White Labs WLP002 (English Ale), Lallemand New England, Lallemand Verdant, or MJ Hophead yeast




This is a single step infusion mash, mashing at 68 to 69 °C for 1 hour to create a fuller-bodied beer.

Raise your mash temperature to 74 °C and sparge with enough 79 °C water to collect approximately 28 L of wort. Boil wort for 60 minutes.

Add hops and Irish moss as indicated.

At the end of the boil, add 0-minute hop addition and immediately begin cooling your wort. You would like to have these hops in the wort with the temperature between boiling and around 66 °C for close to five minutes. When you have cooled the wort pitch yeast and ferment at 21 °C. Add the dry hops on day 5 and allow the beer to absorb the dry hop flavours for about four days. Bottle or keg as normal.

Posted: Friday 29 July 2022


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