BC Riwaka Rye Pale Ale

BC Riwaka Rye Pale Ale


4kg NZ Pale

700g Rye

400g Med Crystal

500g NZ Munich

300 Flaked Barkey



15g Pacific Gem (60 min)

30g Amarillo (20 min)

30g Riwaka (10 min)

50g Riwaka Dry Hop (day 4 for 3 days)

20g Amarillo Dry Hop (day 4 for 3 days)



Bry97 American Ale Yeast


Est OG 1.059

Est FG 1.013

Est ABV 6%

Bitterness 39.5 IBU

Colour 18.4 EBC



Mash grains at 65 degrees C for 1 hour (approx. 18-19L) . Mash out and Sparge grains with around 10-12 L to bring preboil volume to 28L

1 hour boil with hop additions as above.

Ferment at 18-20 degrees


Extract Version

Replace 4kg Gladfield Ale Malt with 2 cans Black Rock Light Unhoped Liquid Malt

Use steeping grains and hops as above

Posted: Saturday 13 June 2020