German Pilsner (the NZ way)

German Pilsner (the NZ way)

With the heat of summer its nice to have a lower strength quaffing beer.  Our NZ take on a traditional German Pilsner is a great summer drink and it works out at approx 80c per 500ml glass!  Now that's cost effective!


4.5kg NZ Pilsner

120g Gladfield Biscuit Malt


35g Whakatu (NZ Hallertau) (boil 60 min)

20g Whakatu (NZ Hallertau) (boil 30 min)

20g Whakatu (NZ Hallertau) (flameout 80 degrees for 15 min)


2x MJ Bohemian Pilsner M84


Mash at 63 degrees C for 60 min

Boil 1 hour with hop additions as per recipe

Ferment at 13 degrees rising to 18 degrees for 2 days at end of fermentation for Diacetyl rest.

Est OG 1.047

Est FG 1.011

Est ABV 4.7%

Vol 23L

Bitterness 34.6 IBU

Posted: Saturday 22 January 2022


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