Wedding IPA - Winning extract recipe

Wedding IPA - Winning extract recipe

One of my favourite beer kits is the Muntons IPA Bitter (a misnoma as its not bitter at all).  So when I needed to get a beer made quickly for a Covid affected family wedding I made my favourite kit and it didnt let me down!-  And keeping the ABV to under 4.5%  we could enjoy a few without becoming the wedding entertainment!

1x Muntons IPA Bitter kit

1x Mangrove Jacks 1.2 Light Liquid Malt 

30g Citra Hops in fermenter when pitching the yeast.

2 packs Safale 05 (to ensure a fast but clean ferment)

50g Citra hops dry hopped on day 5 of fermentation, for 3 days

Ferment at 19 degrees C for 4 days then raised to 20 degrees for 2 days then 21 for another 2 days.

Finings added and cold crashed for 24 hours before kegged.

Posted: Monday 28 February 2022


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