Black Doris Creme Sour - 19L

Black Doris Creme Sour - 19L

Black Doris Creme Sour 19L


1.5kg Gladfield Wheat Malt 

1.5kg Gladfield American Ale Malt


30g US Perle 8.5% Boil 60min


250g Lactose added in last 15 min of the boil


1 packet of Philly Sour

Mash at 65 degrees C for 60 minutes

60 min boil with hops added at 60min

OG 1.036

Pitch yeast and ferment at 25 degrees C until finished (approx 1 week).  Gravity approx FG 1.010

Take 2kg of Black Doris Plums and cut in half.  Add plums and pips into secondary then rack beer on top.  Leave to ferment a further 5 days, the cold crash and transfer to a 19L keg

Note: Chris also added water agents into his brew for his water profile.  2.5m Lactic Acid, 3g calcium chloride, 0.5g gypsum, 1.5g Epsom Salts added to the mash.  0.1ml lactic acid is also added to the sparge.  However without knowing the difference between your water and Chris's water its impossible to say whether you should add the same to your brew! 


Posted: Friday 9 July 2021


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