Grandads Tractor Old Ale

Grandads Tractor Old Ale

With the wonderfully complex grist and treacle duly mashed and boiled and cooled, ferment this beer slowly. Start a couple degrees below your typical ale yeast fermentation temperature to ensure that the yeast cells don’t get all excited about the sugar-rich environment you’ve given them and produce a ton of fusels and off-flavors. Ferment slowly, taking a solid 10–14 days before ramping your temperature up for a diacetyl rest. Treat this one like a lager, in fact…just a “warm-ish” one.


Grandads Tractor 23L

Old Ale Recipe

7kg Maris Otter

150g Biscuit

150g Med Crystal

120g Shepherds Delight

100g Special X

80g Black Malt

400g Treacle


44g Nugget 60min boil


3 pkts Lallemand New England Ale Yeast

Mash at 65 degrees for 60 minutes 

Ferment 15 to 22 degrees C

Est OG 1.083

Est FG 1.021

Est ABV 8.3%

Est Bitterness 47 IBU

Est Colour 43 EBC


Posted: Saturday 3 July 2021


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