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Old Ales and Strong Aged Ales are aged Ales that have a unique character blending malt dried fruit and alcohol.  The aroma is malty, sweet with hints of fruity esters. Dried caramel, nut, toffee, blend with the warmth of the alcohol.

With the wonderfully complex grist and treacle duly mashed and boiled and cooled, ferment this beer slowly. Start a couple degrees below your typical ale yeast fermentation temperature to ensure that the yeast cells don’t get all excited about the sugar-rich environment you’ve given them and produce a ton of fusels and off-flavors. Ferment slowly, taking a solid 10–14 days before ramping your temperature up for a diacetyl rest. Treat this one like a lager, in fact…just a “warm-ish” one.


Grandads Tractor 23L

Old Ale Recipe

7kg Maris Otter

150g Biscuit

150g Med Crystal

120g Shepherds Delight

100g Special X

80g Black Malt

400g Treacle


44g Nugget 60min boil


3 pkts Lallemand New England Ale Yeast


Ferment 15 to 22 degrees C

Est OG 1.083

Est FG 1.021

Est ABV 8.3%

Est Bitterness 47 IBU

Est Colour 43 EBC

Posted: Saturday 3 July 2021