Coffee and Coconut Stout (all grain) 23L

Coffee and Coconut Stout (all grain) 23L

A great beer for the winter months.

Recipe based on 23L

ABV 5.7%

OG 1.057

FG 1.014

This is a complex beer that ages very well.  Coffee, coconut and chocolate....are all flavours that work so well in a dark beer.

2.4kg Maris Otter

1.7kg NZ Ale

340g Roast Barley

250g Medium Crystal

250g Chocolate

250 Munich

350 Rolled Oats

100g CaraAroma

100g Biscuit


40g NZ Goldings 60 Min

30g NZ Goldings 30 min


100g Coffee Ground

150g Coconut

2x  Lallemand Windsor or MJ Empire Ale Yeast Yeast



Cold steep the Coffee in 1 L of water for at least 24 hours.  Strain off grinds and add into the boiling wort with 10 min to go in boil. 

Toast/Roast coconut in oven the morning of brewday.

Mash grans for 60 minutes at 67 degrees C

Sparge to bring volumes to 27L preboil

Hop additions in the ingredients schedule above.

Add coffee without grinds and roasted coconut in last 10 minutes of boil.


Chill to 20 degrees C before pitching yeast.  Ferment at 20 degrees until gravity holds consistantly for 3 days.

Posted: Thursday 6 May 2021


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